Top 10 Recommended Stories this Month on Creative Mac
# 1 Fleksy’s IOS 8 Keyboard Offers Plenty Of Customization And Solid Predictions Video By Clip Syndicate Apple’s iOS 8 operating system unlocks a key system component, providing access to the software keyboard slot to third-party developers. Fleksy announced that it will launch today along with iOS 8. Fleksy’s keyboard for iOS 8 furthers the work the company has already done in its own dedicated app, and in its SDK for third-party developers, who previously could build the software into their own titles on a case-by-case basis. ...Read More »
# 2 U2 Itunes Controversy Video By Clip Syndicate Iphone users are given the U2 album as a free download and many are upset with the automatic download. ...Read More »
# 3 Tech Trends- Computer Security 09-16-14 Video By Clip Syndicate the biggest shifts in technology, software and devices that affect our lives. two computer experts have discovered a way for strangers to get your personal information using a security hole that could leave you and your children vulnerable. jake tapper has the details. bryan seely and ben caudill say they've discovered one of the biggest potential security holes of the modern era. one that can leave your data and those of your kids exposed to any hacker willing to find it." "within a couple of minutes we found social security numbers, dates of birth, private student records, transcripts, and grades." seely and caudill are so-called ethical hackers ...using their computer skills for good... to identify vulnerabilities in applications and networks. "we take that information, privately disclose it to law enforcement, to the relevant parties and then work to get those issues remediated." this month, they found that a weakness in oracle's software -- that the company discovered in 2012 and provided a patch for -- still remains a huge vulnerability to any customer that missed or ignored that news. seely says at risk is the sensitive information from databases belonging to 20 government-related agencies, 100 schools k-12, and 50 institutions of higher learning, affecting hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, he says. "you could completely steal someone's identity and assume someone else, and take money out of their accounts, you could file legal documentation, you could take out business loans, the sky's the limit." they also easily accessed the records of the texas department of family and protective services. "that is a department that had records of parents, the children, the situation of the living environment of the child, things that the child had gone through. //it's a little rattling." in a statement to cnn, the department acknowledged not only that the records had been vulnerable, but that they were breached quote: "the database has been shut down, and testing so far has found a limited data breach affecting fewer than 30 individuals. anyone whose information was compromised is being notified and credit monitoring/identity restoration services will be provided at state expense." seely and caudill are working with the fbi to alert the dozens of organizations representing hundreds of thousands of files that are still vulnerable and help patch their security systems. in a statement to cnn, oracle said the issue was not because of a product defect, but because of the configuration of how the security checks could be disabled. the statement went on: "the patch that made the default setting secure -- quote-- "was issued as part of our regularly scheduled critical patch update customers know to apply every quarter. oracle notified all of our customers directly that they should apply patch." we have a major acquisition in the high-tech world to tell you about. microsoft will acquire the maker of the popular game minecraft for $2.5 billion. the tech company will buy mojang - a company based in sweden. minecraft is a game that lets users build in - and explore around - a virtual world. the title has been downloaded 100 million times on pcs alone since it was launched in 2009. it's the most popular game on xbox. and it's the top paid app for both the apple ios and google's android operating system in the u.s. we want to remind you to "like" the wdef ...Read More »
# 4 Apple Patents A Strange Physics-Based GUI For IPad File And Folder Manipulation Video By Clip Syndicate Apple had an interesting patent granted to it today by the USPTO, which describes a graphic user interface on the iPad that more closely resembles a desktop arrangement of files and folders than the current app-based iOS UX. ...Read More »
# 5 Most Mobile Apps Will Fail Standard Security Tests, Gartner Says Video By Clip Syndicate Market researcher Gartner predicts that 75 percent of mobile apps will fail the most basic of security tests next year. The market researcher said Sunday that in 2015, the majority of mobile applications -- whether in the Android, iOS or Windows Phone ecosystems -- will not have basic business-acceptable security protocols in place. This poses a serious problem for the enterprise, where bring-your-own-device options are commonplace. ...Read More »
# 6 Hey Look, Mashable’s Got A New App Video By Clip Syndicate Today, Mashable announced that it is launching its new app for iPhone. The launch, which is sponsored by GameStop, has been months in the making. This app is smart: When you finish reading an article, the content feed you navigated from is dynamically stitched in below. This means you don't need to keep tapping back to navigate around the app — it knows where you'll want to go next and takes you there with the least amount of friction possible. ...Read More »
# 7 Preorders for the iPhone 6 Sold Out Video By Clip Syndicate Apple says it had more than 4 million pre-orders of its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in 24 hours, exceeding its initial pre-order supply. ...Read More »
# 8 Apple Sells 4M IPhone 6 And 6 Plus Pre-Orders In Opening 24 Hours Video By Clip Syndicate Apple has sold a record number of iPhones during its initial pre-order weekend sales, topping the charts with 4 million units moved between when it kicked off pre-sales early Friday morning and the end of the same day. The store experienced some technical problems owing to volume, but that didn’t stop the 6 Plus from selling out quickly, followed by the iPhone 6 later in the morning. Apple claimed a “record” number of preorders on September 12, before announcing the official total today. That’s twice the number of pre-orders achieved in 24 hours by the iPhone 5 back in 2012, which managed two million pre-orders in its initial day of pre-sales.

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# 9 Samsung Trolls IPhone 6 Plus In Sarcastic New Ad Video By Clip Syndicate By now, everyone knows that Apple recently unveiled the iPhone 6 Plus with a larger 5.5.-inch display — an announcement that has left rival Samsung majorly peeved . So peeved, in fact, that the company released an ad that throws serious shade at Apple and the tech experts who disparaged the Samsung Galaxy Note's large size. A Samsung making fun of Apple commercial followed by the Microsoft making fun of Apple commercial means Apple is doing something right.

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# 10 Why Doesn't Amazon Sell IPhones? Video By Clip Syndicate Amazon sells virtually everything, but it has never offered the newest iPhones on its site, a testament to the complicated relationship it has with Apple. Apple is selling its new iPhones through every major retail site except one -- the biggest one. It seems strange that of all the sellers of consumer electronics, the world's most popular online retail site doesn't feature Apple's iPhone. The device-maker has deals set for all the other top retailer: Best Buy, Walmart, Target. ...Read More »
# 11 VYV Delivers Immersive Video Projections that Entertain Live Audiences Worldwide Project Profile By none What do Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, the Eagles, Shakira, and Cirque du Soleil have in common? All have amazed audiences with live shows incorporating dazzling, out-of-this-world video projections made possible by an elite 3D interactive video projection company based in Canada. Spectators stunned by the creativity, artistry, and impact of the projections can thank VYV and its Photon interactive media server, the most powerful real-time video control system available. Powered by high-end NVIDIA(r) Quadro(r) GPUs, Photon systems deliver the accuracy, reliability, and flexibility required for VYV's elaborate multi-projector productions. ...Read More »
# 12 The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Goes for a Thrill Ride Project Profile By none Katarsis Films is in the business of selling smiles. Based in Mexico City, the young, independent production company has been working for the past two years with one of the most well known Mexican theme parks, La Feria Chapultepec Mágico, to produce heart pounding advertisements that thrill its viewers. Katarsis founder, the charismatic Juan Carlos Elias, is as dynamic as the rides themselves, producing, directing, shooting and finishing the ads that Katarsis churns out on a regular basis. To assist him with achieving the right look for these ads, Juan Carlos uses the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Pocket Cinema Camera and DaVinci Resolve. ...Read More »
# 13 Assimilate at IBC 2014 Events By Ko Maruyama Finally a pro player that works on both Mac and PC equally well. If you want to go ad-free (and you should), it's only a $5US purchase ...Read More »
# 14 Mikros Image Standardizes Digital Post Workflows on ASSIMILATE's SCRATCH Software Featured News By none ASSIMILATE announced that Mikros Image has purchased a company-wide site license for ASSIMILATE's SCRATCH finishing software and SCRATCH Lab, an advanced production and VFX dailies tool. Headquartered in Paris, France, and with subsidiaries in Belgium and Montreal, Mikros Image is a major player in the post-production market, offering high-end post services for films, commercials, TV episodes, corporate communications, and video games. Mikros Image also has a partnership with the LA post-production and visual effects company Eight VFX to develop a series of common projects for commercials and feature films. ...Read More »
# 15 MAXON at IBC Events By Ko Maruyama IBC is kicking off in Amsterdam on September 11. And with it, starts the annual convention for European broadcasters and digital entertainment content creators. This September date comes on the heels of MAXON's release of R16, their newest version of CINEMA4D. If you're at IBC 2014, you can see R16 presented in person. ...Read More »
# 16 Modbook: A 15.4" Macbook Pro Featured News By Ko Maruyama Way back in 2009, we had a 4 day hands on session with Modbook's (Axiotron) offering. Then, it was a 15" modbook. Granted, the Macbooks that were available then weren't nearly as powerful as the low end machines we have today. And, in 2009, the touch alternatives weren't great. Five years later, Modbook Inc. comes back with a brand new proposition: A Modbook from a Macbook Pro 2.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 monster with 32GB RAM and 2TB of storage. ...Read More »
# 17 Jumping Genres on "Trent & Isabella" Project Profile By none Close your eyes and picture the first time you watched "The Maltese Falcon." Now do the same with "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly." Can you picture the soft shadows and tenseness of film noire? How about the heightened details of spaghetti westerns where you can see every hair on a face and every bead of sweat? Both genres of film have very distinct feelings, color schemes and emotional responses. Now shake your head, mix them together and imagine what it would look like if you combined the two. You would get "Trent & Isabella." ...Read More »
# 18 ArtRage 4.5 Released for Mac Feature By Ko Maruyama ArtRage from Ambient Design gets a significant speed and feature boost in the latest version upgrade. The Mac software is free for all registered users of ArtRage 4. In addition to a hefty speed increase in its 64-bit engine build, the new version also has support for stylus tilt and more. ...Read More »
# 19 MAXON CINEMA4D R16 Business Issues By Ko Maruyama My interest in MAXON is no mystery. As a motion graphics animator in Hollywood, working in several major promo design and VFX houses, I?ve seen CINEMA4D become a staple in designers' pipelines. Each time a new version of CINEMA4D is released, 3D motion graphics designers and VFX artists get excited to see what MAXON has in store for us. This year, R16 offers us a lot to be excited for. ...Read More »
# 20 After Effects World in Seattle Events By Ko Maruyama Future Media Concepts is hosting their second After Effects World conference for the application's users in Seattle, Washington. On September 25-28, animators and compositors from around the world will participate in discussions focused on the potential of the software. ...Read More »
# 21 Vectoraster by LostMinds Product Review By Ko Maruyama Vectorizer for the Mac (and iOS) allows you to create fantastic shape based translations of raster artwork or photography with just a few clicks. The great part about this new software is that it is really easy to use. Like any good design software, it?s full of options that will allow you to create unique pieces, even when you?re starting from presets. ...Read More »
# 22 Quick Sketching with Ron Husband Book Review By Ko Maruyama The first thing you should know about this book is that Ron Husband is not only a great teacher but an amazing animator who has worked on several movies, including Beauty and the Beast, The Fox and the Hound, The Black Cauldron, The great Mouse Detective, The little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Lion King and others you might share on your favorites list too. ...Read More »
# 23 Motion Composer Product Review By Ko Maruyama MotionComposer is a new way to create and deliver HTML5 or Flash animation. Designed by French company Aquafadas, the software is available in both Mac and PC versions to allow anyone the ability to start animating right away. Although Adobe Flash animations have recently been the subject of scrutiny, there are many advantages to using HTML5. With MotionComposer, you can easily make your content much more engaging. Adobe's Flash content is a very rich experience. There is a wide range of interactive animations that you can create using animation tools that develop for Flash player. However, Flash does require Adobe's Flash player in order to let your audience experience that content. ENTER: HTML5. ...Read More »
# 24 Design A Cloud Quick Peek By Ko Maruyama SoftSkies is a music visualizer created by SoundSpectrum. If you're an iTunes user, you may be familiar with the visualizer that comes packed in with your Mac software. These are those same guys, and they've just come up with a new way to watch your music. These cloudscapes can fit your chill music library. Clouds are always relaxing. Pair the visual with some of your favorite chill out music, and your afternoon downtime just got a lot more relaxing. ...Read More »
# 25 iStopMotion for iPad Product Review By Ko Maruyama Last year, I wrote about the fun application called iStopMotion by In returning to iStopMotion on iPad, I'm glad to see that the app has gone through many changes and upgrades. Most recently, Boinx has announced the ability to export up to 200 frames in an animated GIF! It's not only a fun application to have as an animator, but it's a teaching opportunity too. When I teach older animation students, they usually understand the importance of timing and number of frames per second. At home with my kids, iStopMotion for iPad is a fun way to craft stories and express creativity. For both older students and young kids, iStopMotion is an accessible way to start making stop motion animations right away. ...Read More »
# 26 Monsters run Rampant Product Review By Ko Maruyama Rampant Design Tools have created a series of images for post production FX in the past. Their newest offering is just in time for the Halloween holiday. MonsterFX Undead provides a series of images that you can use in post for video or still photography. ...Read More »
# 27 Sorenson Squeeze 9 Quick Peek By David Hague For as long as I have been shooting and editing video, there has been a version of Sorenson Squeeze available. Quite simply, Squeeze has always been the premiere transcoding utility used by professionals. It is simple to use, effective, fast and covers almost every known codec and format type available. Squeeze 9 is the latest version of this venerable product, and while certainly not an inexpensive package, with pricing ranging from USD$799 to an eye watering $1999 for the server version, if you are a professional in the video game, it is an almost indispensable item to have in your toolbox. ...Read More »
# 28 Sony Spectral Layers Pro 2 Product Review By Dr. David Smith Digital audio editing software has made amazing signal processing and manipulation possible with the click of a mouse, but until now it has been virtually impossible to take a fully mixed track and un-mix it. Sony's new Spectral Layers Pro allows you to do just that. ...Read More »
# 29 Astute Graphics Mirrors Your Moves Product Review By Ko Maruyama Astute Graphics makes plugins for Adobe's Illustrator. Great plugins that make your design process not only faster and easier, but plugins that allow you to discover designs that you might not have considered before launching into Illustrator. With the holiday season coming around, it's time to start thinking about winter. Astute Graphics' MIRRORME plugin can help. ...Read More »
# 30 Using Prodrenalin To Save Your Video! Product Review By David Hague If you are the proud owner of a GoPro (or similar such as the Sony Action Cam or the Kaiser Baas Sports Cam) you'll be all too familiar with a few problems. Not the least of these is the sheer amount of camera shake followed by distorted footage due to the 'rolling shutter' effect of these cameras. Also in the equation is fish eye distortion, and who hasn't missed that the camera wasn't exactly level when shooting? Or you need to flip video 180 degrees as the camera could only be mounted upside down. This is where ProDad Prodrenalin comes in. ...Read More »
Top 10 Recommended Stories this Month on Creative Mac
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