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XChange Announce Release of XTensions for QuarkXPress v7.0 Macintosh

Stylin allows users to apply certain attributes of a QuarkXPress style sheet to their text (June 19, 2006)
XChange International, the source for extended technology worldwide, are pleased to announce the release and availability of 13 XTensions for QuarkXPress version 7. The new range of products includes:

Art Gallery XT  Randoms, photo book, photo catalogue, comps, portfolio, gallery or contact pages. There are many names that you can call a page of images. Regardless of the terminology, the output is similar. Art Gallery XT creates grid based galleries for folders of images. The user simply creates a new document, sets gallery preferences, and selects a folder of graphics. Art Gallery XT automatically creates the grid of graphics, imports the images and adds captions containing details about the image. The captions can optionally contain the path name and dimensions of the image, the image type and modification date.

Resize XT One of the most popular XTensions on the market today, Resize XT lets users select a group of page elements and scale them to a specified percentage, just as they would in an illustration program. Users can scale proportionally, maintaining the horizontal and vertical ratio , or non-proportionally, choosing two different percentages for fitting their page elements into their design. Graphics, font sizes, text indents, border widths and line thicknesses scale automatically along with the selected text and graphic boxes. The Resize Tool, added to the QuarkXPress tool palette, lets users drag the group to the desired size for a perfect layout every time. Users can size the group interactively with the Resize Tool or enter an exact percentage to indicate the desired size, and can even enter a new width and/or height for the group in order to scale the elements to exactly the size they need.

Stylinı allows users to apply certain attributes of a QuarkXPress style sheet to their text. Style sheets are powerful formatting tools. However, applying a style sheet may reformat attributes users don't want formatted. Stylinı solves this problem with a couple of clicks of the mouse. Stylinı uses a floating palette that contains all the paragraph and character style sheets for a document. By clicking on one of the style sheet names, users can use the style sheet to override specific attributes. The attributes that are not utilised are remembered between each use.  Stylinı stores frequently used settings for easy recall preventing the need to constantly change the Stylinı preferences. Shift-clicking on the style sheet in the Stylinı palette opens a simplified dialogue allows users to select just the settings they want to use.

TeXTractor is a comprehensive text extraction utility for QuarkXPress. TeXTractor allows users to export all the text in a document or selected portions of the text using any filter currently available to QuarkXPress. Users can export only text that has a particular style sheet applied to it, or only text that was introduced into QuarkXPress by being imported. Users can even choose which stories should be exported from a document and rearrange the order in which they are exported. The extensive TeXTractor preferences make it easy to indicate a ³live page area,² outside of which no text exports, or to have TeXTractor place markers in the exported text to indicate the beginning and end of stories, as well as flag the page numbers on which the stories were located in the original document. TeXTractor also offers batch processing mode, enabling users to export text from a number of QuarkXPress documents in one step. The XTension exports text from documents found in one folder or an entire list of folders, and can even schedule text extraction sessions to run unattended. Scheduled text extractions can run once a day at a certain time, or at intervals throughout the day.

VTools is a collection of useful editing and production tools. VTools is designed to handle many of the mundane tasks in a workflow environment and add useful features to QuarkXPress. VTools add the following features: ? Fit to Content resizes a picture or text box to its content ? Eliminate Duplicates interactively removes multiple sequences of duplicated characters such as space-space, return-return, etc. ? Story Statistics displays the character, word and line count of a story ? Process Colors changes the colour separation attributes of document colours ? New Layout creates new documents from a database of stored document sizes ? Advisory Board is a simple mark up utility for marking text for review, redlining changes and adding production notes ? The VTools Palette changes the text rotation, text skew, baseline shift and horizontal scale from a tiny palette ? Copy & Apply is a copy and paste utility for copying existing text and paragraph attributes and applying those attributes to other text selections ? Case Conversion automatically changes the case of the selected text

BarCoder XT  Create UPC, EAN and ISBN bar codes within QuarkXPress. The bar codes are saved as EPS files for high-resolution output. With BarCoder XT, users select the symbology, enter the data and BarCoder XT does the calculating and creation. Options exist to include supplemental digits, make full or half-height bars, include/exclude human readable digits, add colour and create transparent backgrounds. BarCoder XT creates a wide range of popular bar code symbologies.

Bookletizer  QuarkXPress automatically creates facing pages in readerıs spreads format. Page two faces page three, just as the pages appear in the final publication. This is the easiest way to edit text, since you can see the entire spread at one time. But when it comes time to output a saddle stitched publication, the document needs to be rearranged into printerıs spreads format. With Bookletizer, converting a document from readerıs spreads to printerıs spreads is as easy as a menu command in QuarkXPress. Users can even adjust for creep to make sure the gutter margins of longer documents remain consistent. Bookletizer lets users convert their document back to readerıs spreads just as easily, so they can edit a document while viewing it the way their reader will.

Crops XT  Crops XT creates crop and registration marks, as well as colour and grey bars, around any selected object or group on a QuarkXPress document page in one easy step. Crops XT is the perfect way to place more than one job on a page when doing small print jobs like business cards. The user can choose what kinds of crop and registration marks they want to appear. Crops XT lets the user decide which marks they need and allows them to adjust their sizes and offsets accordingly. The user can then select the object or objects they want surrounded by crops and execute a single menu command to automatically place the marks on the page.

FlexScale  FlexScale lets users dynamically scale a document as it is output to a printer or other device. The vertical and horizontal scaling percentages are independent of each other so that a document may be scaled vertically and/or horizontally. The XTension scales printed output between 50 percent and 150 percent, and the user can specify decimal percentages for precision scaling of all their flexographic work.

FRĈMZ PS XT is a collection of decorative borders which install directly into QuarkXPress. Once installed,  users can modify the size and shape of the border to their requirements. FRĈMZ PS XT allows users to place dynamically sized border graphics that are custom-tailored to the size and design of elements in their page layout. FRĈMZ PS XT is not clip art, it installs directly into QuarkXPress, becoming an integral part of the program. FRĈMZ PS XT contains 404 proportional borders that scale without distortion to any size and print out. The libraries are resident within QuarkXPress and can be easily accessed from any document. Grid Master offers users an easy way to create grids of text or graphic boxes in their QuarkXPress documents. Using Grid Master, users can easily create a grid of boxes to fit in a specified area. The XTension also lets users create a grid of boxes of a specified size. The user determines the amount of space to be left between the boxes, and chooses the number of boxes across and down that will make up the grid. Grid Master does all of the calculations and generates a grid of boxes that subdivide the page quickly and easily.

IndeXTension creates indexes of words and phrases in Quark documents, using invisible index markers hidden in the text of documents. The user just adds special index marks to the document to indicate which words and phrases should be included in the index. IndeXTension allows two different kinds of index markers to be added to your QuarkXPress documents. One kind of index marker is an inclusive entry, which indicates a word or phrase found in the text should appear in the index. The second kind of index marker is a general entry, which allows users to create an index entry which uses words not found in the documentıs literal text. Users can use a general entry to create an index entry of ³Ship² when the only reference actually found in the text is to ³Queen Elizabeth II.² When the document is ready for indexing, IndeXTension generates an index automatically, indexing the text content of a document much faster than any manual process.

JobSlug Pro attaches a self-updating slug to a QuarkXPress document that includes the last time a file was modified, when it was last output and which fonts and colours were used in the document. The slug updates whenever the document is printed so the information that appears on a printed copy is as current as possible. JobSlug Pro allows users to attach full JobSlugs to text boxes and lets users create JobSlugs with selected document information.

Nametag  automatically labels all of the placed graphics in a QuarkXPress document. This makes it easy to identify which graphic files are used in any area of a document. The labels are placed in QuarkXPress text boxes on, above or below the graphics in the document, and the user may specify the font and size of the text which identifies the graphics. Nametag labels are made of standard QuarkXPress text boxes, so they are fully printable. The labels can be manually deleted before final output of the document. The XTension also includes a label removal feature that quickly strips the Nametag labels back out of the QuarkXPress document.

System Requirements: Mac OS X QuarkXPress v7.0

To order, or for more information, users can visit

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