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Randy AV

The Final Sayye by Gary Kayye By Gary Kayye, CTS

Have you ever noticed how many Randys there are in the AV market? Its astonishing.

In fact, there are so many that I almost decided NOT to do this column, as I wasnt sure how to write it without offending all the Randys that I will, inevitably, have to leave off simply because of space.

Lets start with the big guy, Randy Lemke. Those of you who know Randy (Lemke, that is) know that when I say big guy I mean that literally. Not only is he the head (executive director) of one of the two associations for the ProAV market, InfoComm, but also hes like eight feet tall. OK, not eight feet, but at least 6 8. I think.


Number two has to be Randy Pagnan. I have to list him second or he will never talk to me again. In fact, I am quite sure he will be upset with me for not listing him first as he thinks at something like 43 years old hes been in the market longer than anyone. He does know everyone, though!

Oh, I just remembered, I probably should have done Randy Klein first as the executive VP for Crestron and a client of mine, hes deserving of number two, I mean number one. Randy might very well have been in the market longer than Randy number 1 and Randy number 2, combined. One time Randy told me he was thinking of skipping InfoComm but I know he wont that would be like the Pope skipping Easter mass.

Randy Tritz used to work for me back in the Extron days. Hes now in charge of Shen, Milsom, Wilkes Chicago branch and just became partner. Hes a thinker not that the first three arent, but Randy number 4 is someone who will sit in a meeting not say a word until right before the meeting is breaking up and then say the most important thing that was said the entire time we were in there. Cool guy, too! Hes the one who first turned me on to the Apple Computer back in the 1980s.

Randy Riebe, now at Tandberg, used to be a colleague of mine when I was a VP at AMX. Hes one of the smartest systems guys I know in the ProAV market. Hes a very quiet guy, but knows his stuff! Tandberg is lucky to have him. Riebe, as he was known at AMX, seemed to be an insider before he even worked there something no one else attained within AMX unless the founder Scott Miller anointed them that.

A Randy over at Zenith (Moores his last name) heads up product marketing. Hes put together a line of plasmas that are some of the best I have seen in the past 14 months. Another Randy success.

I have a great love for the ICIA Professional Education and Training Committee (PETC), as I served on it for 11 years. And there were many Randys that came and went on PETC. In fact ones still there, Randy Jackson of the University of Washington. Hes bought a lot of stuff from Crestrons Randy, interesting, huh?

Is it a Randy conspiracy?

Speaking of conspiracy, Randy number 2 (Pagnan that is) lives in California. Randy Pleasance from Coast Business Communications does too. I am definitely on to something. Both do AV systems, both in California and both Randy.

Continuing, PESAs manager of business development (currently the longest Randy AV title) is a Randy by the name of Randy Lloyd. He took me to my first Maggianos restaurant experience in Denver, Colorado. Man, their portions are huge huge!

Randy Green, whose real name is Randell but with the obvious leadership role that ?Randys hold in the AV world goes by Randy, works for D-Tools. We see right through that. His position at D-Tools is so secretive that his press release didnt even give a title just that he was on the ?senior management team. Randall Dark, the well-known HDTV god, goes by Randall to be different. 

Everyones probably heard of AVI (Audio Visual Innovations) in Florida. Thereve been lots of Randys there, but the head Randy is Randy Bonham hes the VP of sales. Hes been around a long time and I think at one time he was a good friend with Randy Pagnan.

Oh, check this out. Remember how I told you that InfoComm (headed by Randy number 1, Randy Lemke) was one of the two industry associations? Well, do you know what the other association is? NSCA National Systems Contractor Association. Well, NSCAs current elected president is none other than another Randy, Randy Vaughn. And, he happens to write for Systems Contractor News the very same publication that publishes articles by Randy Riebe (Randy number 5). And, just to show how these Randys have it all figured out, Randy Klein (Randy number 3) serves on NSCAs Manufacturers Council. A definite conspiracy.

Moving along, Randy Weldon runs the ProAV group at Philips. He lives in Atlanta, far away from the other Randys, so I dont think hes part of the conspiracy. However, Randy Young, director of marketing for Magenta Research, based in Brookfield, CT, exhibits at NSCA where all those other Randys volunteer. See, its all coming together.

Lutron, believe it or not, has three Randys (Brown, Sharrer and Thomas). They are all unrelated, but I still have to wonder how three Randys all work in the same company a company serving the AV market. Ironically (or, maybe not), not too long ago, Lutron issued a press release about a job they did at Major League Baseball player Randy Johnsons house, hmmm. Makes you think, huh?

Randy Siefert over at Telex is probably one of the most well known Randys in the market. But, no one knows for sure how to spell his last name (I know the feeling).

By the way, I see right through those hidden Randys too. You know the ones those that hide their name with a slightly different spelling. But, the king-daddy (or mom, I guess) of hidden Randys is Brandi Lansing over at Washington-based audio processing manufacturer Symetrix. Know what she does? Shes in charge of HR (hiring people). I wonder how many ?Randys shes hired??? Check it out.

Finally, the best-looking Randy is Randi Oeck. Actually, she now goes by Ellis now, as she is married. But Randi used to work at Extron, too, with none other than Randy number 4, Randy Tritz. I wonder if she and Ms. Brandi Lansing are leading the conspiracy as their ?Randy connection is so well hidden.

This is Gary R. (Err, I mean V.) Kayye signing off.

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Gary Kayye, CTS is Chief Visionary at Kayye Consulting, Inc., a Chapel Hill, NC-based marketing consulting firm that serves the ProAV and Home Theater markets. In addition to strategic marketing consulting, Kayye Consulting, Inc. is also a training development company. Gary can be reached via e-mail at gkayye@kayye.com or through his Web site at www.kayye.com.
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