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Prodigal Mac: Iceberg Lettuce Is Clearly the Superior Salad Green

And anyone who thinks otherwise deserves to rot in hell By Kevin Schmitt
Just imagine the following conversation actually happening around a hundred some-odd years ago:

Painter #1: Pablo, you are a (expletive deleted) idiot. I can't believe you consider yourself a creative professional using that poor excuse for a paintbrush. It's all style and no substance, and you can't even get a whole lot of paint for that brush.

Painter #2: Vince, what the hell is the matter with you? It is your paintbrush that truly sucks, you conformist, apologist stooge. Just because everyone else uses that kind of paintbrush doesn't mean it's the best. Why don't you go slice your ear off or something, and let's talk when you see the light and start using the kind of brush I like.

If the preceding sounds ridiculous, why can't a lot of people make the same leap and consider that the partisan platform rhetoric they spew sounds just as preposterous? Some examples for your consideration:

1) At a shop I used to work at, we were pitching another company for some CD ROM production business. After we won the account, the client later admitted that she ignored all the demos we showed her initially and decided to give us the business because she saw that someone in our lab was working on a Mac, and therefore we, by extension, were creative.

2) When a small, Mac-only print shop was acquired by another firm, the IT director of the purchasing firm pulled a Darth Vader to the shop's Lando Calrissian and forced a change over to Windows. He did so because he had heard somewhere that Macs and Windows couldn't share data at all, and besides, he had never used a Mac, so no one else would be allowed to either. This despite the fact that the shop had never needed IT help before, much of their workflow couldn't even be done on Windows and they were supposed to remain an independent entity even after the acquisition. Every employee left except the founder, who legally couldn't under the terms of the acquisition.

3) A friend of mine's (former) husband basically forced her to use an iMac, despite her preference for Windows. She's a writer, and was pretty much only using e-mail and Office, for heaven's sake, but the guy told her that she had no business calling anything she wrote creative if she wasn't willing to write it on a Mac.

4) I've received my share of flame mail from opinions I've expressed in this space, so I picked one that was clean enough to print. With apologies to Charlie White, with whom I shared these encouraging words, here is one response I got from an obviously unbiased reader after he/she took offense to my dumping on OS 9:

"I have been using the Mac since my college days any everyone who has complained about the stability of the OS has created their own problems! Ignorance and the need to point a finger at someone other than yourself is the problem NOT Steve Jobs or Apple. Go back to your PEECEE friends and rot in hell with Charlie White! You DO NOT belong on a Web site like Creative Mac. Have a Nice Day!"

Well, at least I got a polite sign-off. Let's go through the thought process on that last one, shall we?

  • I've never had a problem with my Mac.
  • You have, so you must be an idiot, or just are seeking to undermine my cause with your subversive anti-Mac ideas.
  • Steve Jobs and Apple are perfect entities.
  • You must be eliminated.
  • Get out of my face.

Is the fact that this particular individual is pouring so much hatred and intolerance into something as stupid as an OPERATING SYSTEM just the least bit disturbing to anyone else besides me? It's only a tool, an extension of the user, and it's so silly because it's SUBJECTIVE. As I alluded to before, how silly is it to think of Picasso and Van Gogh cursing each other out about the brand of paintbrush the other used? Some people use Windows not because they want to, but because it's cheaper or because there is a lot of commodity hardware available. And others use Windows because that's just what they have at work. Some use Macs because they aren't comfortable with anything else. Others use Macs because they plain and simple love the Mac OS. Some use Linux because they don't want to support Microsoft. Who cares who uses what or why they use it? I say use whatever's best for you. The only thing that matters is the quality of the work that is produced with whatever choice you make.

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