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Jumbo Jillions Part 2

3D animation from a 2D comp By Stephen Schleicher
In the last installment of this project, we used the Gradient Wipe effect in Adobe After Effects 5.5 to create a custom wipe to scratch away the prize area of a lottery ticket. In this exercise, well finish up the project by turning the 2D composition into a 3D promo. This exercise focuses on setting up and animating the 3D scene as well as nesting a composition in a composition.

Lets begin with the nesting of one composition in another. Create a new composition by pressing Command+N on the Mac or Control+N on the PC. Use the DV NTSC preset and set the duration to five seconds. Name this composition Final and click OK.

From the Project Window, drag the Lucky Chance composition (or whatever you named it in Part 1) to the Timeline. The process of placing one composition in another is called nesting, and is very helpful when you are trying to create a very complex animation.

Even though the lottery ticket is only 680 pixels wide, it is a little too large for the final composition, so lets resize it. With the Lucky Chance layer selected in the Timeline, press the S key on the keyboard to activate the Scale property for the layer. Set the Scale to 75%. Because the X and Y values are linked, you only have to change one of the numbers and the other axis will be adjusted accordingly.

Move the Timeline Indicator to 2:00 in the Timeline. A simple way of quickly moving to any spot in the Timeline is to press Command+G on the Mac or Control+G on the PC and entering the value in the Go To Time window.

Press the R key to activate the Rotation Property for the layer. Set the Rotation amount to -25 to give the lottery ticket a nice canted angle. Create a keyframe for the Rotation Property by clicking on the Stopwatch Icon.

Hold the Shift key and press the P key on the keyboard. The P key activates the Position Property for the layer, and the Shift key allows you to display the Position and Rotation Properties simultaneously. This is very useful when you are going to set keyframes for multiple layer properties or need to see multiple properties at the same time.

Create an initial keyframe for the Position Property by clicking on the Stopwatch Icon. This will be the final resting position for the lottery ticket.

Press the Home key on the keyboard to go to the beginning of the Timeline.

Change the Rotation Property value to -2 x -90. This means that the lottery ticket will make a little over two complete revolutions as it spins to rest at the 2:00 mark.

Change the Position of the lottery ticket layer so it is out of view at the left side of the composition frame. The numeric value for those of you who need exact numbers is -168 for the X and -126 for the Y.

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