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I'm a Juicer

Mophie's Juice Pack for your iPhone By John Haley
Another glass of juice please...!!! Everyone says juice is good for us. I always have several kinds of juice stocked up in my refrigeration unit. So I'll take that second cold glass of juice, and quench my thirst. Now that we have just had our juice, lets get started! Ok, I wasn't here to talk about how I drink my juice, but I was a bit thirty for my Mophie Juice Pack Air.

Whether you are someone who is running errands all day, or have a business which requires you to be away from the office, or even a student who loves music or a avid gammer - this is for you. Not many of us are stationary long enough to to recharge our all in one mobile computer, or at least that is how some think of their iPhones! I recently upgraded to the iPhone 3GS from the original iPhone, which came out about two years ago. Keeping an eye on the battery percentage, I notice how fast the numbers dropped, and before you know it I was hunting for my cable and an outlet to re-charge my iPhone.

Thankfully one afternoon I received a small package at my door. A nice simple box, on one side it said "mophie loves you". Which made me laugh as I picked the box up. Breaking open the sealed box there it was, with a smaller box inside. Opening that smaller box, I finally reached my juice pack air.     Ripping off the protective plastic around the case, sliding it apart, placing my iPhone into the case and gave it a charge! (You may need to first charge up your mophie juice pack air). I was able to walk out the door and grab a bite to eat while my iPhone was charging back up.

Thankfully the Mophie Juice Pack Air comes with a special Micro USB Cable, which will help if you want to charge it up from your computer. You can even use that same cable to charge with the wall charger which came with your iPhone. Another good feature is you never have to take your iPhone out of the case, just leave it in the case and use the Mophie USB cable. Your computer will still sync with iTunes and iPhoto, charging both your phone, and the case.

I didn't first read the iPhone shaped User Manual, but there are a lot of useful tips, and a FAQ section. With any product people ask simple questions, the first thing I say to those people is did you read the manual! Mainly because there are other people who ask that same question, and the company probably put it into the FAQ section, or something similar.

So after reading up to this point you may be as thirsty as I was for Mophie Juice Pack Air. Yet there is a tiny feature which just made sense, and I loved. It isn't the fact that the case is so simple to slide your iPhone into, and protects it on all sides. But that is a plus.  All you do is slide the top part of the case up, and slide your iPhone till it is snug, and finally slide the top cap back on till it fits snug too. Anywho, back to what I find super cool about this case is, you decide when you want to use the charge of this very sleek case. Yup, thats right. On the bottom right hand side of the case is a tiny little switch. You'll be able to see a red dot, slide the switch to the right, and you'll see a green dot. Green meaning you just started to receive some helpful juice to get you through your day! With 4 indicator lights on the back you will be able to monitor how much longer you've got on the battery.

Being able to choose when you want to use your charge seemed very helpful, which seemed great to also have a protective shell around my iPhone incase any accidents happen. There are more options to choose from too. Mophie Juice Pack Air comes in three colors, WHITE / PURPLE / and BLACK. I went for the classic black to match my iPhone, but a little color doesn't hurt too, so you decide!

You might be thinking now. How can this Juice pack be a case and a Mobile Battery. You may also be thinking this case has got to be huge and heavy. I'm only guessing those are your questions, and I may be right. But it is simple. The case is an added benefit for a on the go charger, and is simple to take off the iPhone if needed. The weight of this product by it self I found to be extremely light to hold.  Having your iPhone inside the case, there isn't a lot of added bulk. The bottom and and back side is the only place you'll notice it, but for me it still fits comfortably in my pocket. I was even able to go out dancing while charging up my phone, and couldn't notice any difference with this case in my pocket.

I know there are a few cases out there which will scratch the back or your iPhone, I don't want to name the ones which do that, but I have been using this product for awhile now, and have taken it in and out of the case several time. Still haven't seen one scratch caused by the case itself!

With my personal daily use with this product. I was really happy with how the case part of it worked. A lot of people love cases for their phones. This one has been doing its job. For juicing up my iPhone, I noticed if the battery life got down to %1 and I turned on the charge feature it would roughly get me back up to %60 with mild usage during that time. Which has been enough for me till I was around my computer again. You will notice while your iPhone is charging up, the case will be a little warm, just as it is when you are charging it at your desk. Don't worry it doesn't burn or get extremely hot, just warm. The top cap has been holding up, but if you are a little rough with it. Remember it is a plastic piece and can break. The cap isn't the mass of the rest of the plastic case, since it is made to slide and lock to the base of the unit. If you end up breaking this piece you will have the option to get a replacement for a small price of $7.95. Just don't squeeze the Juice to hard and you should be fine!

Even with the Mophie Juice Pack Air on protecting and charging my phone I was still able to use the speaker phone perfectly. Talking with the phone resting on my desk, the person on the other line was still able to hear my. At first that was something I was a little worried about, but the way the hard shell case is designed, it leaves an open curved space for you to still be able to hear the full effect of the audio being projected. It actually even help since I was able to hold my phone tight and not cover up the speaker with my hand.

Overall I'd say this is the best option for getting a charge on the go, and wanting a nice protective hard shell built in. It is very simple to use, simply just flipping a switch when you are ready to juice up. It is easy to keep track of the case if you aren't using it, and want to store in a drawer or on the desk. The top cap will just snap back on, and fits snug with or without the iPhone. This option beats any adapter which can get misplaced or lost, and probably won't hold as much of a charge. For the price of $79.99, it does everything it is suppose to do. I haven't comes across any flaws in it's design, so I would highly recommend this for everyone who spends the day with their iPhone, and is constantly on the go. To check out more info visit or your local Apple Store. Also don't forget that Mophie Loves You!

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John Haley is a freelance video effects artist, and demo artist. Recent projects have included creation of animations for many of Mattel's Sizzle Reels, designing motion slates, and animation of the Air Quality Index for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). He has worked on promo, commercial and music video compositing as well. John is a graduate of Video Symphony's Motion Graphics Program in Burbank, CA.
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