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IRISPen executive

Quickly and accurately scan documents onto your computer By Don Lee

Click image to purchase the IRISPen executive
Click image to purchase the IRISPen executive
Just imagine your office space surrounded with technology and not paper. Be able to access and edit any document without having to retype the entire document. To get to that paperless office environment, you have to deal with the stacks of paper documents that have been cluttering up your office for years. Now to retype all of that information into your computer would take your years to complete and Im sure you have more enjoyable things youd rather be doing. Now you could scan the documents but then you would be left with some information that you may not want anymore. What do you do?

Nobody likes to retype documents just to move certain information from one place to another. Thats just too tedious and time consuming which is why you should take a look at the IRISPen executive. This device is about six inches in length and about one inch wide. Now Ive never used a handheld pen scanner before but I was very interested in this device because in the past I would have to retype certain portions of old documents that I wanted to make a digital copy out of. If this device could perform as advertised, this could save me hours or retyping.

Scan Me a Document
When I plugged the IRISPen executive device into my USB port, my Windows XP immediately picked up the new device and prompted me for the device drivers. After inserting the CD containing the product driver, I quickly launched into the installation process. After completion of the driver installation, I was then prompted to calibrate the IRISPen executive scanner. After holding the pen scanner down on a piece of paper for about a minute, I was ready to do some scanning. Remember that you need to launch the pen scanners control panel software first before using the device. I thought there was something wrong with the installation before I remembered to launch the software. You can always make a shortcut of the control panel software in your Windows Startup folder so the pen scanner will be ready to use when you power up your computer.


The device has a single button at the top and one on the side that you can easily activate the scanning head. You can program the buttons to your keyboard so that you can stay focused on the document instead of stopping and restarting. You configure the pen scanners button through the control panel software that accompanies the device.

I then created a new document in Microsoft Word and began testing the devices scanning ability. I had a test sheet available that contained various typefaces, typestyles, sizes, special characters, small graphics and table data. With the cursor active in the document, I scanned some of the typefaces on the sample sheet. To my surprise, the pen scanner was able to pick up most of the text. It was then that I realized that I was using an improper scanning technique since I wasnt holding the scanner flat against the paper. It was just slightly lifted as I dragged it along the paper. Once I corrected this, the IRISPen executive picked up the entire portion of text that I was attempting to scan.

Click image to purchase the IRISPen executiveThe IRISPen executive picked up about 80% of the text that I attempted on the first try which I found to be very impressive. The only real trouble I had scanning was the small graphics, some of the special characters and table data. When I tried a slower dragging motion and pressed down a little harder, it seemed to pick up a lot more information though. I wasnt sure what to expect from the IRISPen executive but the text that was scanned did come through pretty good.

The Final Word
The results were very good from the first scan but improved tremendously as I perfected my scanning techniques. The pen scanner is designed at the same angle you would hold a regular ballpoint pen so the pen scanners movement is similar to drawing a line. Theres a wheel at the base of the scanning head that helps the scanner roll along the document. You may have to apply a little pressure or slow down your dragging to pick up some of the more complicated information.

To utilize the pen scanner to its best ability, practice your scanning techniques. When I first tried the device, I thought the scanner wasnt working properly but once youve mastered the proper technique, you will be surprised on how easy and consistent the IRISPen executive scanner is. Remember that you can custom configure the buttons on the IRISPen executive for some keyboard commands.

The IRISPen executive works on Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows based systems. The Macintosh support covers the Mac operating system from 9.1 through 10.x while the Microsoft Windows is supported through the latest XP operating system.

I would highly recommend the IRISPen executive for those trying to avoid retyping stacks of documents in those packed file cabinets. The pen scanner does a great job overall recognizing various typesfaces, styles and sizes (from 8 point to 22 point) as well as some special characters. You might find some of the more complicated text and symbols requiring more time to scan but using the IRISPen executive scanner should still save yourself hours in retyping.

You can click HERE to purchase the IRISPen executive.

About I.R.I.S.

I.R.I.S. was incorporated in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) in the year 1987. The company has become a major player in optical recognition, data capture, electronic document management and document storage. You can locate them online at the companys official website

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