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Daredevil Directors Cut

The movie that should have been By Max Kingman

When Stephen Schleicher put Daredevil in his top ten list of great comic book inspired movies , I thought he was loony.  But then I sat down and watched the Directors Cut and agree that this is the movie that should have been released.

Max Kingman is not big on Directors Cut movies.  In most of these DVD releases, the only difference is a few extra scenes that add nothing to the overall storyline.  Take the Directors Cut of Hellboy.  From what I can tell only two extra scenes were added that were justifiably removed in the theatrical release.  It seems that the only thing movie companies are concerned about is making a few extra dollars off those who believe they are going to get a different movie from what they saw in the theatres.

There are a few good exceptions.  Peter Jacksons Lord of the Rings Trilogy is a Directors Cut that is worth buying.  Take Max Kingmans word for it.  While the theatrical release DVDs do give you the entire story, the Extended Editions of the films fill the story out and include nearly everything in the books. In most cases in order to watch the film, you have to switch DVDs half way through the movie.  Max Kingman hasnt had to do that since he last watched his laserdisc collection.

You might be saying, ?But Mr. Kingman, what about all of those other great collections like the special editions of Blade Runner?  In regards to that fiasco, realize that the theatrical release was a butcher job to begin with - a terrible happy ending and a last minute voice over by Harrison Ford forced upon by the studio executives that didnt get it.  While the Directors Cut has the crappy ending and the Ford voice over removed, it is a sucky transfer that has really poor audio and video.  Plus there are rumors that the Directors Cut is not really the Directors Cut.  Instead, Ridley Scott has rumored that he will come out with a Special Extend Directors Cut Edition that will include more ?stuff.  Bottom line here is some movies like Blade Runner dont improve with additional fiddling.  Perhaps Mr. Lucas could learn from Max Kingmans advice and stop monkeying with Episodes 4, 5, and 6.

Lets get back to Daredevil.  I popped this disc into my DVD player last weekend and the first thing out of my significant others mouth was, ?Why are we watching this crapfest?  I told her it was an experiment and let the movie play.  When the first new scene came up, we were both amazed at how it changed the direction of the story.  There is a whole other storyline going on.  In fact with all of the original scenes added back in, Daredevil becomes a movie that more closely follows the comic book.  The film allows the supporting cast to grow and show that it is a team effort that leads to the Kingpins downfall.  Max Kingman doesnt want to give away the new direction the story takes, but I can tell you this Directors Cut is a whole other movie.  If you think you know the Daredevil movie, youll find you really dont after seeing this release.

So who is to blame for the Bennifer driven plot of the theatrical release?  We can narrow it down to two possibilities.  The first would be the studio executives who would rather hype the leads rather than letting the audience become engrossed in an actual story.  This has been going on for decades and will continue as long as there are egos getting paid huge sums of money for being nothing more than inflated egos. 

The second might be Bennifer themselves.  Stars that get any kind of editorial control will often slice a film to ensure that they get the most face time regardless of how the rest of the film suffers.

Max Kingman wonders what ever happened to the Director.  Arent they the creative mind shaping the film?  Arent they the ones who have a vision for telling a story the way they believe it should be told?  I guess not, but they should be.  In fact, if more executives and talent would let the Director do his/her job in the first place; more money might be had at the box office when they are able to release their vision.  The Daredevil Directors Cut is now available on DVD.  Take my advice; if you hated the theatrical version, check out the Directors Cut.  Youll love the film and looking forward to a sequel.

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Max Kingman has been watching movies for over 40 years, and has spent the last ten years building one of the best home theaters in all of Kentucky. Max spends his free time in his home movie palace watching the best (and worst) the movies have to offer. Max Kingman often refers to himself in third person. Way to often... You can drop him an e-mail at max_kingman@yahoo.com.
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