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50 Things I Learned

En route to looking up other things about digital video editing By Charlie White

Digital Media Net's Charlie White spends a lot of time looking up things. When he's doing that, he stumbles upon multitudes of informational tidbits that are sometimes amusing, sometimes poignant, sometimes useful, and sometimes just plain weird. And sometimes, they even have something to do with digital video editing. They've been building up in a special file for a while now, so here they are, all in one place.

1. The more layers of digital video effects you create, the more you care about processor speed.

2. When it comes to digital compositing hardware and software, you can spend $200,000, or 1000% more, for a 10% improvement.

3. That 10% may make the difference between a hit and a flop.

4. A constant, droning noise, like a computer fan or airplane engine, makes you feel tired. Try noise-canceling headphones.

5. Very few people use both Macs and PCs on a daily basis, but many say they do.

6. Censorship is OK with a lot of people, as long as it's them doing the censoring.

7. If readers don't agree with me, they call me "biased" and damn me to hell. If they agree, they thank me profusely and call me "opinionated" and "right."

8. The more abusive the email, the more misspelled words it contains.

9. Macs and PCs both crash from time to time, but not as much as they used to.

10. If you have a big problem, though, you can restore your system to an earlier date with a PC. No such luck with a Mac.

11. Most people say they like jazz, but few will listen to it or pay for it.

12. People will usually exaggerate when they tell you the number of hours they work, their weight, or the amount of time they spent studying while they were in college.

13. The percentage of television directors who are pilots is significantly higher than that found in the general population. Directing a live newscast and piloting an airplane are somewhat similar tasks, except if you make a mistake directing a newscast, nobody dies, at least not right away.

14. Rank of the stress level of directing a television newscast compared with all other occupations: Number 2.

15. Job with the highest stress level: Air Traffic Controller.

16. Some readers aren't aware of the difference between an editorial/review and a feature article. Hint: One has opinions in it, the other strives to be more objective.

17. The bulk of high-end compositing work is for commercials, not Hollywood movies. The blockbuster movies have a much higher profile, but only comprise a tiny percentage of the total compositing and effects work done.

18. "Recursive" rendering, where just one layer in, say, a 50-layer composite can be changed without re-rendering the whole thing (a la Media 100's 844/X) is many times faster than the brute-force rendering of an IRIX-based compositor or render farm.

19. There are still many Mac users who refer to Windows-based PCs as "IBM" machines. Ironically, the latest Macs are equipped with IBM Deskstar drives.

20. Lots of Mac software isn't optimized for dual processors yet, but you only hear about that shortcoming when a dual-processor Mac gets badly beaten in benchmark tests. Curiously, though, Apple marketeers want us to do this math: 1.25GHz + 1.25 GHz = 2.5GHz = same speed as a PC. But on the other hand, megahertz aren't supposed to matter. Which is it?

21. Gigahertz matter.

22. Computer speed, love and money: It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

23. The richest people are usually cheap. That's how they got so rich.

24. Apple is afraid to change anything else with its OS or hardware because Mac developers might abandon ship for a much more fertile field: Windows' 90%+ market share.

25. No matter what the acquisition format, all-digital postproduction and distribution will saturate the video and film world by 2007.

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