Communication is the Key
By C. Alan Smith

About six months ago, I was given the project of creating a 15 minute events of the 20th century video for the year end meeting for Budweiser. The specifics of the layout were the following: three days to complete the project, no footage to work with - I had previously ordered footage for such a task but my company had returned it without my knowledge (obviously upsetting the supplier) - and I had to convince our lighting director to build a pyro and light show to accompany the video (we work for a large night club with live entertainment so he could not program the show until after 1 am).

Our editing system is a Media 100 v. 2.6.2 with Adobe Photoshop and Boris FX on a Power Macintosh 8100/100. Pretty soon, this thing will turn to oil like all it prehistoric brethren.

After convincing the footage company to reissue the footage to us, I began work on the project with 52 hours to go. The last 22 hours, I was joined by our lighting director who built a spectactular lighting show only to have a club manager zero out his console (with the dreaded solo button!!) and knock his rig out of whack so that he lost the entire show with about three hours to go.

We were then informed that they had nixed the pyro show - which meant the time spent scripting the cues and designing the 10 blasts was for naught. With an hour-and-a-half to go, I finished the edit and finally got a shower for the first time in nearly three days!

The show went well, thanks to the fact that my LD is extremely talented and built looks on the fly that would topple the most talented lighting gods in the land! The final little fact that I would like to include is that only minutes before the show, the event co-coordinator informed me that he knew nothing of the video/light show and did not know that the project had ever been done.

Then, to close off the day, I found through the scheduling notes, that our sales person who booked the event and the event coordinator had decided to have me do the project 5 months previous!

Despite all the frustrations, I still believe, all can be accomplished.

We all have stories to tell! Your successes, failures, just hard or flashes of genius, we're interested in all your war stories. Come on, share the wealth, let us learn from your trials and tribulations.
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