NEWS • Jul. 19, 2001
Logic Audio Coming to Mac OS X
Hardware drivers, software update due in September

Emagic says it will be bringing its audio software and hardware products to Mac OS X. The company, which already develops for the Mac platform, showed off a beta version of Logic Audio 5 for OS X at Macworld, as well as drivers for a number of its hardware products, including Unitor8 MkII, AMT8 and MT4 MIDI interfaces and the EMI 2|6 audio interface. Read More

NEWS • Jul. 16, 2001
Waves Updates Plugins, Announces Renaissance Collection 2 Processor Bundle
Latest releases add features, get bug fixes

Waves Ltd. announced the release of the Version 3.2 update on their family of audio processors for Native and TDM platforms. The company has also released the Renaissance Collection 2 Processor Bundle, a collection of the company's audio plugins for Native and TDM systems. Read More

NEWS • Jul. 11, 2001
WaveBurner Pro 2.1 Goes Beta
Test release supports FireWire devices

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

Emagic, the German audio software and hardware manufacturer and maker of the Logic Audio series of products, has released a beta of its WaveBurner Pro 2.1. The beta is open to users of WaveBurner 2.0. The beta is designed to test the functionality of new support for FireWire devices. Read More

NEWS • Jul. 03, 2001
Digidesign Offers Plugin Bundle with Pro Tools MIX Systems
Upgrades and new purchases eligible

Digidesign has begun offering plugin bundles with its various Pro Tools MIX systems. Users who purchase a new Pro Tools|24 MIX, MIXplus or MIX^3 system or who upgrade to a new system between now and Sept. 30 can receive up to $4,200 worth of TDM filters. The purchase has to be made from an authorized Digidesign dealer. Read More

NEWS MARCH 9, 2001
Emagic Shows Off Logic Audio 5
Forthcoming upgrade gets Mackie integration, tons of new features

Emagic has announced Logic Audio 5.0, a major upgrade to its audio editing suite for Macintosh and Windows. The upgrade, due to ship in September, includes integration with Mackie's new Logic Control hardware system, offering hands-on control over hundreds of MIDI and audio functions, including the new automation system. Read More

Yamaha To Ship 16x FireWire CD-RW
Mac drive rips audio CDs at 40x

Yamaha today announced its new CRW2100FXZ, a FireWire CD-RW drive that writes at 16x, rewrites at 10x and reads at 40x. The drive is compatible out of the box with FireWire-equipped Macs and is expected to ship this month. Read More

FireWire Mixes It up with USB Audio Interfaces
MOTU announces forthcoming IEEE 1394 audio device

Having problems with USB audio on your Mac? Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU) seems to have come up with a solution—a FireWire interface. For some time, users have been reporting a number of audio problems when working with Apple's USB implementation. In some cases, USB interfaces were completely non-functional, leading manufacturers like Emagic to warn customers about the problems until they could develop software to deal with them. (Emagic has since reported fixes for its USB interfaces.) Read More

Digidesign Ships Pro Tools 5.1
Audio suite also gets new plugins, controllers and disk drives

Digidesign has announced several new products in the last few days, including the release of Pro Tools 5.1. Pro Tools version 5.1 introduces integrated surround mixing, more processing power, enhanced MIDI functionality and major enhancements to editing, navigation, session interchange and system integration, according to Digidesign. In addition to Pro Tools 5.1, Digidesign has also announced Pro Tools LE 5.1 for Digi 001 and Digi ToolBox XP; the Control|24 tactile controller; EditPack option for ProControl; Reverb One (plugin); new DigiDrive disk drives; Echo Farm for Digidesign MIX systems; and the Orange Vocoder realtime audio effects processor. Read More