All-Purpose Animation

Mixing broadcast and Web media: then and now

In the summer of 2000 I was hired by David E. Kelley Productions to produce character animations for the Fox series Boston Public. The animations would be photographed practically while playing back on a computer screen as part of a fictitious Web site. Read More

Talkin' Smack: At It Again

Microsoft takes a subtle but decisive step toward Web domination

In some ways, it's reassuring to know that some things don't change. Even if it's a lame thing. Take Microsoft, for example.

Long-time Mac users should remember what it was like when Microsoft began its descent to domination of the OS market. The rallying cry was, "The Macintosh is incompatible." Remember that? Remember how your Mac, which was still to dominate the market for years to come, both in terms of software and hardware, suddenly became "incompatible?" Read More

Macromedia Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio
Multimedia authoring suite for CD-ROM and the Web

So here we have the granddaddy of multimedia authoring. I can remember playing with early versions of Director and liking it all right, but not being in love with it and not really caring for what was being produced with it. Last year, I got a hold of Macromedia Director 8.0, and all of that changed. With version 8, Macromedia did a serious revision of this hulking suite of authoring tools, tightened it up, brought in some usability features that almost made me cry and overhauled the workflow to make it about as easy to use as a graphics program, but retaining and expanding the robustness that gives the program its real power. Read More

Gimme Some Skin
How to use GoLive to create QuickTime skins

When QuickTime 5 was released, everyone was excited about many of the new features, including the ability to play MPEG-1 and improved QuickTime VR. Of the many new features, the one that seems to have been overlooked the most is the ability to create media skins to enhance your streaming media. Unlike media skins for other players, which can be troublesome, and even a headache at times, creating a skin for use with QuickTime is very easy. Read More

Video Tutorial: The Secret of Good Gamma in Photoshop
Designing for cross-platform viewers

Cross-platform computer users have probably noticed how different the same image can look when viewed on a Mac or PC screen. This lesson from Total Photoshop 6 is of especial interest to Macintosh web designers; instructor Deke McClelland shows how to use the Levels controls to approximate-and correct for-the gamma differences inherent in the two platforms. Let Deke help you to see your onscreen images the way "the rest of the world" sees them! Read More

REVIEW MAY 15 , 2001
Curious Labs Poser Pro Pack
Advanced 3D character animation expansion module with Flash export

You're probably familiar with Poser, the 3D character animation suite formerly owned by the company formerly known as MetaCreations. When MetaCreations killed off its software division to focus on Web technologies, Poser went on the auction block (along with Painter, Carrara, Canoma, Bryce and a host of other well respected titles). It was snatched up by the team that originally created the software and others involved with its development and marketing. Thus was born Curious Labs. Read More

How To Create Web Markers in Premiere 6

Using timeline markers to create interactivity

Last time I introduced Timeline Markers and how they could be useful to help quickly create edits for music vignettes. This time we will quickly explore the Timeline Markers a little further and see how they can be used to launch Web pages for your streaming media.

The new support for Timeline Markers in Premiere 6 is an excellent addition, particularly for those who use multimedia elements on their sites for informational materials-demonstrations, how-to articles, technical documentation, etc. With just a minor amount of effort, you can build into your video content-QuickTime, Real or Windows Media-elements that can explain or demonstrate concepts and ideas that could take pages and pages of text to explain. Read More

NEWS APRIL 2, 2001
FreeHand 10 Coming to Mac, Mac OS X and Windows Concurrently
New version in beta, set to ship in May with special pricing on Flash Freehand Studio

Macromedia has announced that it will release the next version of its vector illustration tool, FreeHand 10, for Mac, Mac OS X and Windows concurrently. This makes FreeHand 10 not only the first professional vector illustration program for OS X but also the first application to be released for all three systems at once. Read More

Macromedia Updates Flash 5 for Mac
New version fixes bugs

Macromedia today released an updater for the Macintosh version of Flash 5. The new version, Flash 5.0a, fixes a number of bugs that were causing Flash to crash on the Mac. These include situations such as leaving the Sound Panel open, exporting complex animations, exporting to animated GIF, dragging and dropping frames to the timeline and nudging objects with the arrow keys. Read More

SGI Ships SCSI Array
Entry-level model comes in around $6,000

SGI today introduced the Total Performance 900 storage system. SGI bills the SCSI-based TP900 as a high-performance entry-level disk array targeted for a broad range of applications, including digital content management and media streaming. The base configuration starts around $6,000. Read More
Electric Rain Ships Swift 3D 2.0
3D Flash utility adds modeling features, RAViX II rendering

Electric Rain has released version 2.0 of Swift 3D. The program was the first tool available that could open 3D files and export them to the Flash format as animations using a variety of shading techniques. The initial release of version 1.0 was for Windows only, but the company later followed it up with a Mac release. Now, with version 2.0, Macintosh and Windows versions have been released simultaneously. Read More
Cox Promises Uninterrupted Service During [email protected] Bankruptcy
[email protected] to be bought by AT&T

The announcement of [email protected]'s bankruptcy filing has left a large portion of broadband customers with some doubts as to the future of their service. [email protected] provides broadband access to cable customers through a number of cable systems, including Cox Communications. [email protected] says it will be bought out by AT&T and that the filing occurred in order to ensure continued operation during the transition. Read More
SmartDisk Beefs Up FireWire Drives
New drives see price reductions, get bumps up to 100 GB

SmartDisk has revamped its line of VST FireWire drives. The new models offer increases in storage and reductions in prices. Read More
QuickTime Live 2001 Rescheduled
Conference to take place February 10-14, 2002

Apple announced it has postponed QuickTime Live 2001, which was scheduled to take place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, October 8-11, 2001. The rescheduled QuickTime Live Conference will take place February 10-14, 2002 at the same venue. Read More