News: Mac LightWave 6.5 Out Now
NOVEMBER 28—NewTek has now made the 6.5 update to LightWave available as a download from its Web site. The update is free to all registered users of LightWave 6. The update includes several components, including an improved manual in the form of a PDF addendum. Check below for download information. Read More

News: Credo Offers Deal on Life Forms Studio
NOVEMBER 28—Credo Interactive has launched a new deal on Life Forms Studio 3.9. From now until Dec. 22, the studio, regularly priced at $495, is being offered for $299. Life Forms is a character animation package deisgned to integrate with 3D applications like LightWave, Electric Image, Cinema 4D XL and others. It also works with Poser from Curious Labs. Read More

News: Mac LightWave 6.5 Out Today
NOVEMBER 28—NewTek says it's releasing LightWave 6.5 today, available for download (if you can get through to their Web site) a little later today. The update is free to all registered users of LightWave 6. Read More

News: Macromedia Ships Dreamweaver 4, Fireworks 4
NOVEMBER 27—Macromedia today announced the immediate availability of Dreamweaver 4, its HTML authoring suite, and Fireworks 4, its image editing and Web graphics application. According to Macromedia, Dreamweaver 4 and Fireworks 4 unify code authoring, layout and graphics creation. Both the Studio and standalone versions are now available. Read More

News: Propellerhead Readies Reason
NOVEMBER 27—Propellerhead Software says it's gearing up for the first shipments of its Reason, a music system for Macintosh. Reason looks like a classic studio rack, packed with samplers, analog synths, mixers, step time drum machines, effects and a real-time multitrack sequencer. All of Reasonęs 16 devices have the look and feel of actual hardware, and users can access as many devices as the CPU will allow. Read More

News: Audio Ease Releases First 5.1 Surround Panner for MOTU
NOVEMBER 27—Audio Ease today announced Peter Pan, the first 5.1 surround panner for Mark of the Unicorn's Digital Performer and AudioDesk. The Mac-only software allows users to position sounds by dragging around a red ball in a round arena. (See image below.) Center and rear speaker outputs are routed to busses via pop-up selectors. A sub woofer channel can be separated from the input signal with an adjustable low-pass filter. Read More

News: Creative Mac Launches Digital Media Designer
NOVEMBER 27—Over the last few weeks, we here at Creative Mac have been busy working on a brand new site for those of you in the design and publishing fields—Digital Media Designer. Like Creative Mac, it's heavily focused on tools, including news about new products, guides to existing products, reviews and tutorials. It's also be heavily focused on the Macintosh platform, though it will also offer Linux, Irix and Windows news for those who work on multiple platforms. Read More

News: WoodWing Updates InDesign Plugins
NOVEMBER 27—WoodWing Software has released updates to three of its plugins for Adobe InDesign, including its beta XML export plugin. The updates fix bugs and also add to documentation. Read More

News: Native Instruments Offers Free Audio Synth
NOVEMBER 22—Native Instruments has released its first free audio synthesizer. Called the NI/Soundforum Synthesizer, this software synth was generated with the modular sound and instrument design environment Reaktor and is based on the audio engine of Native Intruments' Dynamo. However, it is not a plugin. Read More

News: BitHeadz Ships Phrazer
NOVEMBER 22—BitHeadz today released Phrazer, a digital audio loop sequencer for the Macintosh. Phrazer is designed for multitrack loop arranging and features the ability to simultaneously adjust the tempo and pitch of multiple loops in real time. Read More

News: Maxon Releases Cinema 4D Production Suite
NOVEMBER 21—Maxon today announced that it's released the Cinema 4D Production Suite, a set of 3D modeling, animation, rendering and painting tools. The new suite includes previously released Maxon product bundled in a package that runs about $2,400. It ships with Cinema 4D XL, an unlimited client copy of Cinema 4D Net and Maxon's new BodyPaint 3D. Read More

News: 3D Nature Ships World Construction Set for Mac
NOVEMBER 20—3D Nature has started shipping version 5.3 of its World Construction Set (WCS). Version 5.3 marks the first release of WCS for the Mac, which 3D Nature says offers all the same features as its Windows counterpart. World Construction Set is an application designed for professional photorealistic terrain modeling, visualization, rendering and animation. It lets artists visualize and animate real places where they belong on the planet. Read More

News: Formac Ships FireWire DVD-RAM, CD-RW
NOVEMBER 17—Formac Electronic has started shipping two new FireWire storage devices, including a 9.4 GB DVD-RAM drive and a 12x CD-RW. The company is also accepting preorders for a new FireWire CD-RW that offers 16x record speeds. Read More

News: Native Bundles B4, Dynamo
NOVEMBER 17—Native Instruments has started offering a bundle deal that includes B4 and Dynamo. The bundle, called "The Classic Meets Future Pack," offer the two audio packages for $298. Separately, B4 runs $235, while Dynamo costs $199. Read More

News: Medea, Pinnacle Team up for Bundle
NOVEMBER 16—Medea and Pinnacle Systems have teamed up for a promotion offering Hollywood FX Bronze with the purchase of any Medea VideoRaid SCSI, VideoRaid RT or VideoRack RTX system. Hollywood FX Bronze is a 3D video effects software package that retails for $299. Read More

News: Sonic Launches Promotion on DVD Fusion
NOVEMBER 16—Sonic Solutions has announced a new bundle deal for its DVD Fusion Mac DVD authoring suite. The bundle includes DVD Fusion and the SD-1000 Encoder, a capture card that can bring video directly into DVD Fusion without conversion. The total cost of the bundle is $12,499, about 20 percent off the regular price. Read More

News: Sapphire Ships Plugins for Adobe After Effects
NOVEMBER 16—Sapphire Innovations has released Sapphire Effects 1 for Adobe After Effects. The new package includes nine plugins designed to create "oddball" warp and gradient effects in color and grayscale, including negative/inverse effects, line effects, dotty effects, circular ring effects, starburst effects, posterisation, solar effects and threshold color effects. Read More

News: Focal Point Posts Update for FilmLogic
NOVEMBER 16—Focal Point Software today announced the latest build of its FilmLogic 3.0 software. The new version, 3.0b4, offers better handling of still frames and subclips with Final Cut Pro, a new addition to the Detail View and Identify windows called "TK Speed," a new feature for converting Edit Decision Lists from 30 FPS to 24 FPS and vice-versa and an improved Relocate Clips function. Read More

News: Dazzle Debuts Mac Capture Hardware
NOVEMBER 14—Dazzle has announced a new piece of hardware for the Mac, Hollywood DV-Bridge. The new system is designed to let users work in analog and DV mode simultaneously, allowing them to convert VHS tapes into DV format. Users can also convert their DV video to analog. The DV-Bridge hardware plugs into the FireWire port of any G3 or G4 desktop or PowerBook to bring in composite video, S-video, FireWire and stereo audio, converting analog signals into DV for editing in NLEs that support the DV format. Read More

News: Beatnik Releases Mixman StudioPro 4 for Mac
NOVEMBER 14—Beatnik has started shipping Mixman StudioPro 4.0 for the Mac. Mixman is DJ remixing software whose tools include Remixing Studio for real-time performance-based remixing, FX Studio for manipulating component sounds, Editing Studio for composition and Recording Studio to add personalized sounds into each mix. Read More

News: Medea Ships Fibre Channel Disk Arrays
NOVEMBER 13—Medea today announced the availability of VideoRaid fc and VideoRack fcx SAN-Ready Fibre Channel RAID arrays designed for digital content creation and Internet streaming. The four-drive VideoRaid fc (a desktop model) and VideoRack fcx (a dual-channel, 19" rack-mount system with up to eight removable drive modules) offer sustained data transfer rates of 65 MB per second (per channel in the VideoRack fcx), capacities to 600 GB and prices around $19 per GB. Read More

News: Toshiba Debuts Three Projectors
NOVEMBER 13—Toshiba has launched three new digital projectors, the TDP-T1, TDP-S2 and TDP-P3. These new devices feature support for DVI connectivity, as well as support for some HDTV formats. Read More

News: Epson Intros High-End and Low-End Projectors
NOVEMBER 13—Epson today announced two additions to its digital projector lineup, one on the very low end at $3,299 and one coming in at $11,999. The low-end PowerLite 50c incorporates a three-LCD display system for SVGA (800 x 600) images with a weight of 6.6 pounds. It boasts 1,000 ANSI lumens and a 400:1 contrast ratio. The PowerLite 50c measures 8.5" D x 3.2" H x 11.8" W. Read More

News: Macromedia Announces Dreamweaver 4, Fireworks 4
NOVEMBER 13—Macromedia today announced Dreamweaver 4, its HTML authoring suite, and Fireworks 4, its image editing and Web graphics application. The company also announced version 4 of Dreamweaver UltraDev, a suite for developing database-driven Web applications. Read More

News: Absynth Gets Update to 1.02
NOVEMBER 13—Rhizomatic Software has released Absynth 1.02 for Macintosh. The program is a real-time MIDI-controlled software synthesizer that supports 64-voice polyphony with support for six oscillators per voice. It also supports up to four filter modules per voice with a choice of eight filter types. Read More


News: Panopticum Ships Photo FX
NOVEMBER 13—Panopticum has released Photo FX, a collection of Adobe Photoshop plugins previously available separately. The collection includes Panopticum Fire 2.0, Alpha Strip 1.1, Lens Pro II and Panopticum Digitizer 1.0. Read More

News: Epson To Ship 'Macified' Version of 2,880 DPI Printer
NOVEMBER 13—Epson has announced a new four-color inkjet printer based on the Stylus Color 777, but with styling to match iMacs and Power Mac G4s. The Stylus Color 777i, priced at $99, offers 2,880 DPI resolution and four picoliter droplets, as well as 8 page per minute printing in black and white. Text and color prints can come out at six pages per minute. Read More

News: Media Lab Updates PhotoWebber
NOVEMBER 9—Media Lab has announced a price increase for its PhotoWebber software, a tool for creating Web pages in Adobe Photoshop. Beginning Dec. 1, the price will go up to $299, a $50 increase over the current price for the packaged version. (The download price is $199.) Read More

News: Maxon Releases BodyPaint 3D
NOVEMBER 8— Maxon Computer has released BodyPaint 3D, a 3D painting program for digital artists. The program is a Macintosh (and Windows) application that allows artists to paint directly onto 3D models. The program lets users paint light and shadows, as well as color, bump, specular, diffusion and a number of other parameters on any 3D object. Read More

News: Iomega To Ship USB 2.0 CD-RW
NOVEMBER 8—A number of companies have chimed in with support for USB 2.0 for the Mac over the last few weeks, including Belkin with a PCI card offering USB 2.0 ports that are backward compatible with the current USB 1.1 standard. The latest offering comes from Iomega, promising a CD-RW drive that supports USB 2.0 and 1.1. Read More

News: Aurora Bundles Medea Drives, ATTO Host Adapter with Capture Cards
NOVEMBER 7—Aurora Video Systems has started bundling Medea disk arrays and ATTO SCSI controllers with its video capture systems. The bundle deals affect three digital capture cards, all of which will include one of Medea's four-drive VideoRaid disk arrays. Read More

News: Toshiba Launches X-Series Digital Projectors
NOVEMBER 6—Toshiba today announced a new series of digital projectors, the X-Series. The new line launches with four models delivering resolutions up top 1,600 x 1,200 with 2,400 ANSI lumens of brightness. Read More

News: Quark Unveils QuarkWrapture
NOVEMBER 6—Quark Inc. has announced the release of QuarkWrapture, a 3-D visualization software package designed to accelerate the process of packaging and product design. Read More

News: Umax Unveils AstraCam 1800
NOVEMBER 6—Umax Technologies has debuted the AstraCam 1800, a 1.2 megapixel point and shoot camera. The AstraCam 1800 features an a power management system designed for extended battery life, USB connectivity and NTSC video out for viewing photos on standard television sets. Read More

News: RE:Vision Releases Twixtor for Mac
NOVEMBER 3—RE:Vision Effects has announced ReelSmart Twixtor, a new plugin that allows users to speed up, slow down and alter the frame rate of image sequences. The plugin is compatible with Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, Pinnacle Systems Commotion and Discreet Combustion, as well as other software packages that support these effects. Read More

News: Formac Delays ProFormance 4 Release
NOVEMBER 3—Formac has set back the release date of the ProFormance 4 graphics accelerator card. The Proformance 4 is a graphics card that uses GLINT Gamma G2 (geometry processor) and dual 128-bit GLINT R3 processors from 3D Labs. The 256-bit card will have 64 MB of onboard memory and will be able to power two monitors from a single AGP port. The card accelerates 100 percent of OpenGL geometry and lighting in hardware. This will be the first card on the Mac to offer this feature. Read More

News: Panopticum Plugin Galaxy Gets Update
NOVEMBER 3—Panopticum has updated its Plugin Galaxy, a set of filter for Adobe Photoshop, to version 1.01. The new version, according to Panopticum, fixes bugs and adds compatibility with a wider array of applications, such as Illustrator, ImageReady, PageMaker, Photoline 32, Canvas and Color It! Read More

News: Mac Dominates Digital Video
NOVEMBER 2—Digital Media Online, the parent company of Creative Mac, has released a survey today that presents a bullish outlook for the digital media marketplace, particularly digital video. The survey—and several others—are available through the DMN Research Center at Read More

News: StageTools Releases Mac Versions of MovingPicture
NOVEMBER 1—StageTools has released MovingPicture, a plugin for Adobe After Effects and Premiere and Avid Media Composer and XPress. The plugin, now available for the Mac, is a tool designed for documentary and industrial filmmakers that allows them to pan and zoom on high-resolution still images. Read More

News: Voodoo4 for Mac Ships
OCTOBER 31—3dfx has started shipping the Voodoo4 4500 PCI graphics accelerator card for Macintosh. The Voodoo4 4500 features a single VSA-100 processor and 32 MB of graphics memory. The VSA-100 (Voodoo Scalable Architecture) incorporates 3D features like 32-bit RGBA rendering, 24-bit depth-buffer (Z and W), 8-bit stencil rendering, FXT1 texture compression support, 32-bit textures, 2,048 x 2,048 texture size support, advanced texture and color combine capabilities and the native support of Macintosh data formats. Read More

News: Umax Gives Away Photoshop 6 with High-End Scanners
OCTOBER 31—Umax has started bundling the full version of Adobe Photoshop 6 with several of its high-end scanners. Umax had previously offered Photoshop 5.5 with some of its scanners. Those who purchase one of those bundle deals between Aug. 28 and Jan. 31 will be eligible for a free upgrade to Photoshop 6. New Umax models in the PowerLook series will be bundled with Photoshop 6 immediately. Read More

News: TripleD Releases Shaders for Electric Image
OCTOBER 31—TripleD Tools has released a set of six shaders for Electric Image. The set, called aEdge, all affect shape edges in one way or another. Read More

News: Sonnet Upgrades 7200s
OCTOBER 30—Sonnet Technologies today announced new upgrades for Power Mac 7200 machines. The two new upgrade cards join a previously announced 7200 Crescendo upgrade from Sonnet. The old 7200s previously had no upgrade options. Read More

News: Sapphire Ships Custom Shapes for Photoshop 6
OCTOBER 30—Sapphire Innovations today started shipping Custom Shapes Vol. 1, a set of shapes for Adobe Photoshop 6. The pack includes more than 800 custom vector shapes, such as patterns, polygons, starbursts, frames and twirls, as well as other formats. Read More









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