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News: Corel Releases Bryce 4.1 Update
AUGUST 30—Corel has released an update to Bryce 4, a graphics application it acquired from Metacreations last spring. The new version, 4.1, is available as a free download from Corel's support site for owners of Bryce 4 or 4.0.1. The company says the update includes enhancements to existing features, as well as one new feature to give users a taste of what's to come in Bryce 5, scheduled for release early in 2001.

News: Sonic Brings DVDit! to Mac OS X
AUGUST 30—Sonic Solutions has announced plans to introduce a version of DVDit! for Mac OS X. The DVD authoring software was introduced last fall for the Windows platform. According to Sonic, DVDit! for Macintosh "will combine the simplicity and affordability of Sonic's DVDit! for Windows with the power and integrated video capabilities of the Macintosh product line, allowing anyone with a Macintosh to create DVD titles on their desktop."

News: Canon Brings Color to Wide-Format, High-Output Devices
AUGUST 30—Canon has announced four new color output devices, including the CLC 5000 for high-end production color, the CLC 3100 for entry-level production environments, the Color imageRunner C2050 for the corporate office and the BJ-W9000 for wide format applications.

News: SmartDisk Ships 120 GB FireWire Array
AUGUST 30—SmartDisk Personal Storage Systems, formerly VST Technologies, has started shipping its 120 GB VST FireWire-based RAID array for FireWire-equipped Macintosh computers. The VST FireWire RAID array is a compact, portable tower that supports up to four VST FireWire hard drives, which can be used separately or together for storage and rapid transfer of digital data. The new array is being targeted toward video and audio professionals. It also includes a built-in battery pack for portability and field editing.

News: Adobe To Ship Photoshop 6, ImageReady 3 Next Month
AUGUST 28—Adobe today announced it will ship Photoshop 6 some time in the next month. Photoshop 6.0 offers dozens of new features, including integrated vector functionality, improved Web workflow and a streamlined interface. The new version will also ship with ImageReady 3.0, an upgrade to Adobe's graphics application designed for the Web

News: Evergreen Ships 75 GB FireWire Drive
AUGUST 28—Evergreen Technologies today announced several additions to its line of FireWire drives and controllers. Evergreen has been shipping its 20 GB external HotDrive since February 2000, and now the company also offers higher capacity 75 GB, 60 GB, 40 GB and 30 GB HotDrives. They come with one external DC +12V input power jack for additional daisy chained devices and drive management software.

News: Nikon To Ship 3.34 MP Coolpix
AUGUST 28—Nikon today announced its new Coolpix 880, a 3.34 megapixel digital camera with a 2.5x (38 mm to 95 mm) Zoom-Nikkor lens. The camera is designed for simplicity, offering 11 different pre-programmed shooting modes, including: Fireworks, Copy (Whiteboard/Paper), Beach/Snow, Portrait, Party, Nighttime Portrait, Sunset, Landscape, Closeup, Nighttime Landscape and Backlight.

Seybold: Imaging Technologies Announces Proofing System
AUGUST 28—Imaging Technologies today announced development of RealProof 8500, a color proofing system for design firms, advertising agencies and prepress service bureaus. The new product will be on display at the Seybold San Francisco 2000 this week.

News: Alien Skin To Upgrade Eye Candy
AUGUST 25—Alien Skin says it will soon release Eye Candy 4000, an upgrade to its popular Eye Candy set of Photoshop filters. The upgrade includes five new special effects filters and a wide array of new features, according to Alien Skin. Eye Candy 4000 will be released during the final quarter of 2000. A free public beta is now available for download from the Alien Skin Web site.

News: Olympus Debuts 4 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera
AUGUST 25—Olympus today introduced two new digital cameras to its lineup, as well as a dye-sublimation printer designed for printing photographs. The first new camera, the Camedia E-10, is a 4 megapixel digital SLR still camera featuring new lens technology specifically designed to focus light evenly across the entire CCD surface. The attached 4x professional f2.0 to f2.4, 9 mm to 36 mm zoom lens (equivalent to 35 mm to 140 mm in 35 mm photography) is manufactured with Extra Dispersion (ED) Glass and features fully multicoated elements with dual aspherical glass elements to reduce chromatic aberrations.

News: Flaming Pear Offers Essentials in the United States
AUGUST 24—Flaming Pear Software today started shipping Flaming Pear Essentials. Launched last month, the collection of nine Photoshop filters was previously only available in Australia.

News: Boris Offers Crossgrade for TitleDeko Users
AUGUST 24—Boris FX, a developer of plugins for effects and editing packages, has started offering a special upgrade to Graffiti for TitleDeko customers. Available until September 30, 2000, TitleDeko users can obtain an upgrade to Boris Graffiti for $199.

News: Flash 5 Ships
Macromedia today announced it's shipping Flash 5, the latest version of its Web multimedia authoring tool. Flash 5 offers an enhanced user interface and tighter integration with other Macromedia applications, such as Generator and Freehand. In fact, the new version of Flash supports native Freehand files.

News: Yamaha Ships 8x FireWire CD-RW
AUGUST 24—Yamaha is about to start shipping a new CD-RW FireWire drive. The new external model, poetically titled CRW8824FXZ, offers 8x write and rewrite speeds, along with 24x audio CD ripping speeds. The unit is expected to begin shipping tomorrow.

News: Aurora Ships 24 FPS Igniter Film
AUGUST 22—Aurora Video Systems has announced Igniter Film, an offline editing system designed specifically for 24 frame per second support. (Current Igniter Studio owners can download the software directly from Aurora's Web site.) Aurora is also currently shipping the Igniter Film bundle, which includes the Igniter base card, component I/O, a breakout box and the Film option daughtercard. Current Igniter owners can purchase the Film option daughtercard separately.

News: Fuji Ships 6 Megapixel SLR
Fuji Photo Film USA today announced the availability of the FinePix S1 Pro Digital Camera, a professional single-lens reflex camera that uses Fuji's new Super CCD technology. Super CCD, which gathers more image information than conventional CCDs of the same sensor count, offers an increased signal to noise ratio, greater sensitivity and a wider dynamic range.

News: No USB MIDI on the New Macs?
AUGUST 21—Emagic, a developer of digital audio equipment and software, has reported problems with the new G4s equipped with USB MIDI interfaces, including combinations of its own Logic Audio and certain hardware.
The company issued a written statement listing some problems with its own products, adding that hardware from other developers also sees problems on the new Macs.

News: Creamware Releases PowerSampler for Macintosh
German digital audio developer CreamWare has released PowerSampler 2.03, the first version of the hardware/software combo available for the Macintosh platform. PowerSampler is a sampling suite with a DSP-based hardware backbone residing on a single PCI card. CreamWare says the functionality is identical in the Windows and Mac versions. The new version offers 24-bit and 32-bit sampling.

News: Native Instruments Adds Support for MOTU
AUGUST 21—Native Instruments has released version 2.3.2 of Reaktor for the Mac. Reaktor is a modular sound design suite that offers synthesizer, sampler and effects functions. Reaktor, along with B4, Native Instruments' virtual Hammond organ, are now 100 percent compatible with Digital Performer, a Macintosh audio editing and MIDI sequencing suite from Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU).

Brief: Sapphire Ships Star Nozzles for Painter
AUGUST 21—Sapphire Innovations has started offering a new set of Nozzles for Painter. Sapphire Star Nozzles is a set of 120 nozzles for Painter 5 or higher and Painter3D. All the nozzles are designed in the style and shape of stars. The software is available for both Mac and Windows, and a demo is available online.

Sapphire Star Nozzles is available now for $20. For more information, visit

Brief: YARC Offers Free PostScript RIP for Epson Stylus Pro
AUGUST 21—YARC Systems Corp. today released its Macintosh-based Xtreme PostScript RIP for Epson Stylus Pro 3000 and 7000 desktop printers. (A RIP for the Epson Stylus Pro 9000 is also available.) The RIP is a fully functional ColorSync Postscript RIP, and it's available free for YARC's Web site. According to YARC, with a Stylus Pro 3000 printer, the Xtreme can produce a good match to a four-color contract proof and can also produce halftone proofs to simulate Match-Prints and Cromalins. Rosettes, Moire and all other potential press artifacts are all made clearly visible.

The Xtreme is YARC's first downloadable RIP, using the USB firmware of the Macintosh to handle many of the functions of the hardware printer accelerator card used in YARC's EZ products. YARC supplies a proprietary USB to parallel interface cable. (The Stylus Pro 3000 has a parallel input connector, not USB.) The Retail Pack is available now for $299 or, for a limited time, $199 from YARC's online store. For more information, visit

Brief: Epson Lowers Price of PhotoPC
AUGUST 21—Epson America Inc. has reduced the price of the PhotoPC 800 2 megapixel USB digital camera to $499. The PhotoPC 800 features a 2.14 megapixel CCD sensor, 8 MB of memory and a built-in microphone for voice recordings up to 10 seconds. It also supports both serial and USB image transfer.

The PhotoPC 800 achieves 1,600 x 1,200 pixel resolution. Epson's HyPict technology increases the resolution to 1,984 x 1,488, or 2.95 megapixels. The camera includes an 8 MB CompactFlash card and three picture taking modes for customized shots—black and white, macro and panoramic. It features a 1.8" LCD monitor, able to display up to nine images at a time. In Quick Shot mode, users can take a picture approximately every second. For more information, visit

News: ITC Ships ColorBlind 4.0
AUGUST 17—Imaging Technologies Corp. today announced that its new versions of ColorBlind color management software have started shipping. ColorBlind's latest versions are being released for Mac OS users and offer improved speed, enhanced device profiling and support for a range of new measuring devices, according to the company.

News: RedHawk Photo-Extracting Premiere Plugin in Beta
RedHawk Vision Inc. today announced that it's started beta testing a new plugin for Adobe Premiere that lets users extract 35 mm quality images from digital video sources. The plugin, Video Pics, is being geared toward those who need to extract video content for use in marketing, advertising and trade show displays. It's expected to be available in October on the Macintosh platform.

Brief: ElectricImage Puts Manuals Online
AUGUST 17—Just FYI, ElectricImage has posted all of its manuals online for download in PDF format. The entire collection of manuals is about 38.5 MB. Individual PDF files can be downloaded as well, including manuals for Modeler 1.0 and various addenda to the ElectricImage Animation System documentation.

For more information or to download the manuals, visit

News: Sonnet Drops Prices on G4 Upgrades
AUGUST 16—Sonnet technologies today announced reductions on the prices of three of its G4 upgrade cards. The Crescendo G4 400 MHz PCI upgrade card with 1 MB backside cache now runs $499.95, down from $549.95. The Crescendo G4 450 MHz PCI card with 1 MB backside cache now runs $599.95, down from $649.95.

Brief: Re:Vision Ships Update to ReelSmart Motion Blur for After Effects
AUGUST 16—Re:Vision Effects this week announced an update to its ReelSmart Motion Blur plugin for Adobe After Effects. The new version, 1.6, offers a 40 percent decrease in the time it takes to process effects. It also offers more solid compatibility with Apple Final Cut Pro 1.2.5, Discreet Combustion, Puffin/Pinnacle Systems Commotion (2.0 and later) and earlier versions of After Effects, according to the company. RSMB is a plugin that applies natural-looking motion blurs in After Effects by automatically tracking every pixel. It can also be used as a post process for 3D work to cut down on render time.

RSMB 1.6 is available now for Macintosh and Windows for $89.95. For more information, visit

Brief: Umax Ships Direct to Web Scanners
AUGUST 15—UMAX has started shipping two new scanners built to deliver scans directly to the Web. The AstraNET e3420 and e3470 scan Directly to, Umax's site for allowing users to store images. ( membership is provided free for one year with 50 MB of online storage.) Both scanners offer 600 x 1,200 DPI, 42-bit scanning. The e3470 also includes a transparency unit. The e3420 sells for $129. The e3470 sells for $179. Both are available now.

For more information, visit

Brief: Digital Voodoo Qualifies VideoRaid RT and VideoRack RTX
AUGUST 15—Digital Voodoo has qualified Medea's VideoRaid RT and VideoRack RTX disk arrays for use with its D1 Desktop 64 series of uncompressed, 10-bit QuickTime cards. The four- and six-drive VideoRaid RT desktop arrays offer up to 450 GB of storage per module and deliver 65 MB per second sustained data transfer rate. The 19", 4U rack mountable VideoRack RTX is available in four- and eight-drive configurations with storage capacities up to 600 GB per rack. When populated with eight drives and used with a 64-bit, dual-channel SCSI adapter, the VideoRack RTX delivers a sustained data transfer rate of 135 MB per second.

For more information, visit or

News: Panasonic Intros Two New DV Camcorders
AUGUST 15—Panasonic today announced it's expanding its Proline series of DV camcorders with two new models. The company also announced a new DV VTR and a new series of master grade DV tape. The new camcorders include the AG-DVC10 Mini-DV and the AG-DVC200 DV. The company says the new models offer improvements in picture and audio quality, as well as color reproduction.

News: Olympus C-2100 Debuts
AUGUST 15—Olympus America today announced the latest addition to its line of digital cameras. The C-2100 Ultra Zoom, a 2.1 megapixel model, includes a 10x, all-glass, stabilized, aspherical zoom lens (38 mm to 380 mm equivalent) and a 2.6x digital zoom (telephoto equivalent of more than 980 mm). It also includes a 16 MB SD-RAM buffer. This provides a burst mode of three frames per second and 1.2 second shot to shot performance (standard resolution). It comes with an electronic version of an SLR viewfinder.

News: ConceptDraw Gets Update to 1.5.2
AUGUST 15—Computer Systems Odessa Corp. today announced it's shipping version 1.5.2 of ConceptDraw. The program is designed for creating illustrations for presentations and for creating technical drawings. The new version offers optimized data exchange with Microsoft Word and other applications, improved connectors and two new samples. It also adds the ability to copy object style attributes (line color, thickness, text styles, fills and patterns, etc) and apply them to other objects.

News: ALAP To Ship ImagePort Update, Adds Adjustment Layer Support
A Lowly Apprentice Productions Inc. announced two new plugins for Adobe InDesign and an update for a QuarkXPress plugin. The plugin for Quark, ImagePort, will be updated to version 1.1 late this month. ImagePort is an XTension that allows native Photoshop files to be imported directly into QuarkXPress, including layers and channels.

Review/News: Media 100 Ships Remote Field Editor
Since last year, Media 100 has been shipping one of the handiest pieces of digital video gear yet, the Remote Field Editor (RFE). Now, the Marlboro, Massachusetts company has improved the popular turnkey unit ($24,995), slimming it down by ten pounds and adding some great new features along with a new aluminum case. Buoyed by the fact that they were able to sell every unit they made for the past year, Media 100 saw an urgent need for these tiny broadcast-quality editors and improved upon the already-successful concept.

News: Adobe Ships GoLive 5.0
Adobe stared shipping GoLive 5.0 today, its Web authoring package. The new version offers tighter integration with Adobe's other products, such as Photoshop and LiveMotion, and can import Photoshop images as HTML, according to Adobe. The new version also includes a QuickTime editor, Flash support, a JavaScript SDK and debugger and support for Flash, Real Networks G2, Scalable Vector Graphics and WebObjects 4.5.

Adobe Keeps Tabs on Macromedia
AUGUST 11—Late yesterday, Adobe announced it had filed a lawsuit against Macromedia, claiming that Macromedia infringes on its patented technology. The technology? Tabs. More specifically, the little tabs in palettes that users navigate through a program.

MCE To Ship Bigger Drives for PowerBook Expansion Bay
AUGUST 9—Mac Components Engineered announced today two new hard drives designed for the media expansion bays in Apple's current PowerBook lineup. The
Xcaret Pro-99 Media Bay Hard Drive is designed for the currently shipping 500 MHz and 400 MHz Apple PowerBook, as well as the previous generation 400 MHz and 333 MHz Apple PowerBook G3.

Margi Connects PowerBooks to Cinema Displays
AUGUST 8—Margi Systems today announced the Display-to-Go Card for PowerBooks. The Type II CardBus PC Card fits into the PC Card slot of G3 PowerBooks to provide connectivity for Apple's DVI-based Cinema displays—both the 15" and the 22" models. It comes with adapters for DVI or VGA displays.

Felt Tip Releases Sound Studio 1.4
AUGUST 7—Felt Tip Software today announced an update to Sound Studio, a Mac-only shareware audio editing application. The previous version was released just a week earlier. Designed for use with the Mac's built-in audio, Sound Studio 1.4 offers 44.1 KHz, 16-bit stereo recording, background recording and the ability to play one sound file while recording another. The editor provides a waveform view of the recording, single-channel editing for independent stereo channel editing, filters, pitch-shifting and resampling.

Binary Arts Releases Digital Art Brush 2 for Lightwave
AUGUST 4—Binary Arts has announced it's released Digital Art Brush 2 for NewTek Lightwave versions 5.6 and 6. The new version combines Digital Art Brush with ParticleType, the company's particle replacement system for Lightwave. ParticleType includes different types of particles, including simple shapes and an image type.

TripleD Tools Releases Free Power Particles for Electric Image
AUGUST 4—TripleD Tools has started offering Power Particles 2.0 Basic as a free download for Electric Image. The company says it
will soon release Power Particles 2.0 Pro as well. The basic is not a demo but a fully functioning extension.

Brief: Voodoo5 Ships Today
AUGUST 3—3dfx today announced that its Voodoo5 5500 PCI graphics card is immediately available for $299.99. The Voodoo5 5500 PCI includes two VSA-100 graphics processing chips, 64 MB of graphics memory, 128-bit 2D/3D/video accelerator, a 350 MHz RAMDAC that supports resolutions up to 2,048 x 1,536 pixels and a 3D core that supports T-Buffer digital cinematic effects, 32-bit color rendering, stencil support, DXTC and FXT1 texture compression and 2,048 x 2,048 texture map support. Voodoo5 5500 PCI achieves a 667 Megapixels per second fill rate running at 166 MHz core and memory clocks. Software drivers include support for DirectX, Glide and OpenGL. For more information on the Voodoo5 card, please see our articles archive from July here, including a first look/review from the Macworld Expo. Or visit

Olympus Announces Sub-$500 2.11 Megapixel Camera
AUGUST 1—Olympus today announced its new D-490 digital still camera, a 2.11 megapixel model that comes in at less than $500. The camera, based on the D-460 Zoom, comes with a
3x optical zoom lens packed into a 9.5 ounce body measuring 5" x 2.6" x 2.1". It's the first of Olympus' D-series cameras to come with QuickTime capture capabilities.

Fuji FinePix 4900 ZoomFuji Announces 4.3 Megapixel Camera for Less Than $1,000
AUGUST 1—Fuji Photo Film today announced a new camera in its line of FinePix digital still cameras. The new FinePix 4900 Zoom is the first in Fuji's camera lineup with a 4.3 megapixel resolution and an expected selling price of less than $1,000. The new camera is geared toward high-end consumers and photo enthusiasts.

Kodak Ships DC3400 Digital Camera
AUGUST 1— Kodak today announced the latest adition to its DC line of digital still cameras. The DC 3400 is among only two cameras on the market now offering 2 megapixels of resolution for less than $500. The camera offers a 2x optical zoom (38 mm to 76 mm) and a 3x digital zoom.

DSound Releases Mac VST Version of Stomp'n FX Filters
JULY 31 —Windows audio software developer DSound
has brought over one of its effects sets to the Macintosh. Stomp'n FX Volume 1 is a collection of pedal emulators (with interfaces to match) consisting of Chorus, Flanger, Autowah, Compressor, Noise Gate and EQ.

Panopticum Ships FX 1.0 for After Effects
JULY 31—Panopticum today announced it's shipping Panopticum FX 1.0, a set of plugins for After Effects on the Mac. It includes filters from four previously released sets of plugins, including Fire 2.5, which was just released itself last week.
The new package includes AnimaText 1.1, a tool for creating text effects; Fire 2.5, which creates combustion effects; Lens Pro 2, a set of tools for creating lens effects; and Tools 1.1, which includes eight filters.

Brief: Toshiba Offers Rebate on 3 Megapixel Camera
JULY 31—Toshiba today announced that it's offering a $100 mail-in rebate on its PDR-M70 digital camera. The camera, which has a 3 megapixel resolution, will now sell for $799 with the rebate. It includes a built-in speaker and microphone for recording and playing back up to 60 minutes of digital audio. It also has an AVI function for capturing up to five minutes of video at 15 frames per second with audio on the SmartMedia card. It also comes with USB connectivity. For more information, visit —Dave Nagel

Aurora Capture Cards Bundled with Organic FX
JULY 28—Aurora Video Systems has started bundling Pixelan's Organic FX with its Igniter Mac-only video capture board. In addition, Aurora's Fuse board will be bundled with Organic FX Lite. Organic FX is a set of more than 250 fluids, bursts, erosions, ruptures, climatics, vapors, strokes, washes and live textures that visually evolve during the effect. Organic FX are derived from natural forms, rather than algorithms, a process that's supposed to create more natural effects. OrganicFX Lite includes 50 of the Organic FX effects.

Echo Fire Adds Digital Voodoo Support
JULY 28—Synthetic Aperture has added new input device support and several other enhancements to its Echo Fire 1.1 software, a package for displaying After Effects and Photoshop documents on an NTSC monitor. New device support includes Digital Voodoo D1 Desktop, Aurora Fuse and Igniter and Media 100 systems
. The Digital Voodoo D1 Desktop card (which we'll be reviewing in the next month or so) offers direct output to both a computer monitor and an NTSC monitor with extended desktop functionality. In other words, the NTSC monitor acts as a second desktop, allowing users to work in programs like Photoshop in NTSC.


FilmLogic Plugs in to Final Cut Pro
JULY 27—Focal Point Software today announced the latest beta build of its FilmLogic 3.0 software. The new version, 3.0b1, now supports Final Cut Pro, while previous versions supported only Media 100 and Adobe Premiere. FilmLogic is a software application designed for filmmakers who are shooting 35 mm or 16 mm film and want to edit electronically while finishing on film, working with non-linear editing systems to track all the elements that go into the making of the final film. A bit like an extended electronic codebook, it follows the relationship between the original camera negative, the transferred video tapes and the captured clips in the editing system.

Appian Promises Mac AGX Dual-Monitor Cards by Year's End
JULY 26—Appian Graphics, a manufacturer of multiple-display graphics cards, today announced that it's started manufacturing its own graphics chip—the Appian AGX, a high-end graphics processor with support for multiple monitors running at 1,600 x 1,200 at 75 Hz each, all on a single chip. The company earlier this year entered the Mac multiple-display graphics market with the Jeronimo 2000 Mac. And, as it turns out, they plan to follow it up with cards powered by the AGX for the Mac this year.

Cinema 4D XL Gets Free Update to 6.1
JULY 26—Maxon Computer has announced a new update to Cinema 4D XL, its high-end 3D modeling, rendering and animation package. The new version is immediately available for free download to registered users (with addenda to documentation). Maxon's calling 6.1 a major update to Cinema 4D XL 6, which was introduced three months ago. New features include a different plugin architecture (along with a new software development kit), new interface schemes and improved use of camera tracking data.

Review/First Look: Voodoo5 5500
JULY 26—As I was on my way to my last scheduled interview at Macworld, I was mentally composing the lead paragraph of my show wrap-up story, and it was going to go something like this: "While many companies offered interesting products, all of them combined were overshadowed by Apple's announcements of standard multiprocessing CPUs, the G4 Cube and a new mouse." That's what I was thinking, anyway, until I saw the pictures coming from the two new display cards from 3dfx Interactive, the Voodoo 5 4500 and 5500. I've been doing Mac graphics professionally for more than a decade, most of that in video, and I have to tell you, I've never seen anything like this before.

Focus: The Future of Form•Z—Seven Questions with Founder Chris Yessios
JULY 26—Last month Auto•des•sys, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, announced a major change in in the way it will market Form•Z, the company's flagship product and the modeler that helped make desktop 3D a commercial reality back at the time of its launch in 1991. Now, of course, rendering applications ship with increasingly powerful modelers of their own, all wrapped up in a tight, integrated package. On the other hand, Form•Z continues to challenge other developers with innovative new features that keep the program at the vanguard of modeling and making Form•Z an integral part of many a desktop artist's repertoire of tools.

Formac Brings 3Dlabs Graphics Chips to the Mac with New ProFormance Board
JULY 25—3Dlabs and Formac, two graphics card manufacturers, have been working quietly to bring R3 graphics processors over to the Mac platform. The product of their collaboration is the new ProFormance 4 board, a graphics card that uses GLINT Gamma G2 (geometry processor) and dual 128-bit GLINT R3 processors. The new 256-bit card has 64 MB of onboard memory and can power two monitors from a single AGP port. The card accelerates 100 percent of OpenGL geometry and lighting in hardware. This is the first card on the Mac to offer this feature.


Mac Swift3D Set for September Launch
JULY 25—Following months of anticipation, Electric Rain today finally announced a Macintosh port of its Swift3D software, but users will still have to wait until September to get their hands on it. Swift3D is a piece of software that allows users to create and work with vector 3D objects that can be animated and placed into Flash files.

Flash To Get Major Overhaul in Version 5
JULY 24—Macromedia says it's giving Flash a major overhaul, including a whole new interface, for the new version due out in September, with a Flash 5 player scheduled for an August release. The company says the new interface in Flash is the first implementation of a standard interface that will appear in all Macromedia authoring products. Tools will also be consistent across all of Macromedia's authoring line (including a new Bezier pen tool), as will menu organization and keyboard shortcuts. (Flash 5 will also have customizable shortcuts.)

Curious Labs Sets Fourth Quarter for Relaunch of Poser
JULY 24—Curious Labs says it will ship version 4.0.3 of Poser beginning in the fourth quarter. Curious Labs was cofounded by some of the original developers of Poser from Fractal Design and MetaCreations, which began unloading its catalog of software titles earlier this year in favor of pursuing Web technologies.

Boris FX Announces Boris RED2
JULY 24—Boris FX today announced Boris RED2, a resolution-independent 3D compositing and title-effects plug-in suite for nonlinear editing systems on the Mac. Boris RED2 adds such new features as export to Macromedia Flash, rotoscoping and vector-animated paint tools, bringing resolution-independent vector graphics and Web distribution to NLE systems.

The Foundry Ships Tinderbox 1 for AE
JULY 24—The Foundry, a software developer based in London, has started shipping Tinderbox 1, a set of 20 filters for Adobe After Effects. It includes blurs, effects and tools for working with mattes, including one called T_Dilate, which allows compositors to grow or erode matte edges at the subpixel level. The company says it designed the package for speed and consistency to to aid in workflow, and, to this end, the filters share a common interface, with 11 major parameters shared across all 20 plugins.







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