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-JUNE 2000-

Pinnacle Systems Ships Commotion Pro & DV
JUNE 29—
Pinnacle Systems today announced that it's finally shipping version 3.0 of Commotion, an effects and compositing application for digital video. (Commotion was originally developed by Puffin Designs, which was acquired by Pinnacle earlier this year.)

Panopticum Releases Mac Filter Sets for After Effects, Photoshop
Panopticum has released two new sets of plugins the Mac platformčone for Adobe Photoshop, the other for Adobe After Effects. Plugin Galaxy is set of 20 plugins for Photoshop that produce more than 120 basic effects.

GRM Offers Eight Plugins for Macintosh Digi 001 Systems
GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales de l'Institut National de l'Audiovisuel) has shipped a set of eight new RTAS plugins for Pro Tools LE systems—GRM Tools. The plugins allow composers and sound designers to create new timbres with up to 128 delay lines; move sounds through space....

Digidesign Offers PCI Expansion Chassis for Pro Tools
JUNE 28—
Digidesign has started shipping a new seven-slot chassis for Macintosh Pro Tools digital audio systems. Enabling users to add up to seven supported Digidesign PCI cards for Pro Tools|24 and Pro Tools|Mix, the expansion chassis requires no extra software and works with the blue and white G3 or any G4.

CreamWare Ships Pulsar 2.01
CreamWare has announced version 2.01 of its Pulsar DSP system for Macintosh. The new version can be used with CreamWare's Pulsar and Pulsar II audio systems. The new version includes Macintosh support for the STS-3000 and STS-4000 sampler plugins.

Emagic Ships Polyphonic Sampler for Macintosh
JUNE 27—
Emagic has started shipping the EXS24 (Emagic Xtreme Sampler 24 Bit), a professional polyphonic software sampler for Macintosh (and Windows). The EXS24 runs under Logic Audio and MicroLogic AV from Version 4.0 upwards and is Emagic's second foray into virtual instrument development.

Princeton Offers Dual Analog/Digital Flat-Panel Display
JUNE 27—Princeton Graphics Systems is shipping a new flat-panel display that offers dual analog and digital interfaces. The SENergy 850 is an 18.1" LCD monitor that includes a broad range of features not usually found in desktop LCD displays.

Eizo Releases Five New LCDs
JUNE 27—Eizo Nanao Technologies has announced five new Mac-compatible LCD displays. They range in size from 15" to 19.6". The additions include three new 15" flat panels (the FlexScan L330, Digital L351, Digital Hybrid L371) one new 18.1" LCD (the Hybrid FlexScan L671) and the new 19.6" FlexScan L771. All these new LCD displays were designed with the new Eizo Gray bezel and will be available in black as well.

Digital Origin Offers EditDV Unplugged, Media Cleaner EZ for Free
JUNE 27—
Mac users are only beneficiaries by David Nagel Executive Producer It's Christmas already, and, apparently, Mac users have been very good this year. Digital Origin today announced it's giving away Mac-only versions of its Media Cleaner EZ and EditDV Unplugged video editing and compression tools. Both are "lite" versions of more full-featured programs, but neither carried a particularly lite price until now. Prior to this offering, Media Cleaner EZ sold for $99, and EditDV unplugged sold for $149.

Andromeda LensDoc Ships
JUNE 26—Andromeda Software has started shipping a new Photoshop filter called LensDoc. The filter is designed to correct distortions, such as barreling and pincushioning image distortions, produced by zoom and wide-angle lenses. It also provides correction for perspective and rotation.

HP Ships 42-Bit Mac USB Scanner
JUNE 26—
Hewlett-Packard Co. has announced a new scanner in its Macintosh line. The ScanJet 5370C offers 1,200 DPI optical scanning with 42-bit color depth. It includes USB connectivity and the ability to scan and upload images to the Web. The Scanner also includes a transparency adapter that supports 35 mm slides and negatives and 5" x 5" transparencies.

Form•Z To Get QuickTime VR Export, Direct Lightwave Import
JUNE 23—Auto•des•sys says it will launch version 3.6 of form•Z at Siggraph 2000 in New Orleans (July 23 through July 28).
According to the company, the new version of form•Z, a 3D modeling and animation package, will sport a significant number of enhancements over previous versions.

Focal Point To Post Filmlogic 3.0 Beta
JUNE 23—
Focal Point Software says it will post a beta of its FilmLogic plugin for Final Cut Pro "in the near future." It's also giving a preview of the software at the Show Biz Expo in Los Angeles this weekend at its booth.

HP Gives Away Adobe Apps with Printers
JUNE 23—
Hewlett-Packard Co. today announced that it's giving away Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator with the purchase of certain laser and inkjet printers. Qualifying printers several models from the HP DesignJet CA and CP series and the LaserJet series.

Olympus Announces USB-Equipped Dye-Sub Printer for $999
JUNE 22—
Olympus yesterday announced a new sub-$1,000 dye-sublimation printer targeted toward the professional and prosumer photography markets. The new P-400 prints an A4-size (8.25"x 11.7") full-resolution photograph in 90 seconds.

Emagic Ships New MIDI Interface for Mac
JUNE 22—
Emagic yesterday shipped out the first units of its new MT4 USB MIDI interface. The MT4 features two in and four out ports and supports Macintosh and Windows 98. MT4 features a compact size in a light-weight non-slip casing. All inputs and outputs are independently addressable for a maximum of 32-channel input and 64-channel output.

Pro Tools 5.0.1 LE Now Includes Beta RTAS DirectConnect Plugin
JUNE 21—
Digidesign has shipped the first upgrade to its Pro Tools 5 LE audio suite. The software, in addition to adding support for Windows 98, includes a Mac-only beta of the first RTAS version of the DirectConnect Plugin.

Andromeda To Ship LensDoc Filter This Week
JUNE 21—Andromeda Software will ship a new Photoshop filter June 23 called LensDoc. In the meantime, the company has made a demo version of the software available via its Web site.
The filter is designed to correct distortions, such as barreling and pincushioning image distortions, produced by zoom and wide-angle lenses.

Boris Offers Free Fire Filter Through June 30
JUNE 20—Boris FX, a developer of plugins for effects and editing software on the Macintosh, is offering its Fire filter free of charge through June 30. One of the Continuum Natural Filters, Fire is a procedural fire creation filter with smoke and alpha detection. It works with Adobe After Effects 4.0 and later.

IBM Maxes Mini Drive, Sees 1 GB Appearing in Digital Cameras
JUNE 20—
IBM says it's tripling the capacity of its smallest hard drive—the IBM Microdrive—to 1 GB. The drive—not just a disk, but a complete mechanism—is smaller than a matchbook, weighs less than an ounce and will be available for less than $500, according to an IBM press release.

Unity Player Simplifies Sampling on the Mac
JUNE 19—
BitHeadz Inc. today announced the release of Unity Player, a Macintosh sampling and MIDI suite. The package is a trimmed-down version of BitHeadz Unity DS-1 that offers all the capabilities of that program but without the editing function.

KOLT Ships RealVerb for ProTools
JUNE 16—Kind of Loud Technologies today introduced a new plugin and two surround-sound 5.1 software encoding packages for Digidesign's ProTools audio system for Macintosh.
RealVerb is a reverb plugin with the ability to morph room shape, size and texture, giving users control over characteristics of their sounds.

Midiman Ships MIDISport 8x8, Delta 1010 ADAT Interface
JUNE 15—
Midiman has started shipping its latest MIDI interface for USB-equipped Macs. The MIDISport 8x8/s offers eight in and eight out ports for 128 x 128 MIDI channels. It's housed in a 19" single height rack mount chassis.

Yamaha Ships Fastest Mac Combo Audio Ripper/CD-RW
JUNE 14—Yamaha has started shipping a new CD-RW for Macintosh and Windows that offers audio ripping speeds of 24x. The current model, the CRW8824EZ, is an internal EIDE device. The company says the drive will be joined in July by three new models in the 8824 family.

Apple Bundles Media Cleaner Broadcast Edition with FCP
JUNE 14—
Apple yesterday announced it would start bundling Media Cleaner Compression Suite Broadcast Edition with Final Cut Pro. The bundle includes Terran's streaming media application, Media Cleaner Pro; the developer edition of the Sorenson Video codec; the professional edition of the QDesign Music Codec and Sorenson Broadcaster

Sony To Ships Smallest Mini DV Camcorder
JUNE 13—
Sony says it will start shipping the smallest Mini DV camcorder this month. The new DCR-PC5 Handycam camcorder is 2 1/8" x 4" x 3 7/8" and weighs 15 ounces.

Digital Origin Ships EditDV 2.0 for Mac
JUNE 13—
Digital Origin has released version 2.0 of its EditDV software for Macintosh. EditDV is an editing, compositing, animation and special effects suite for streaming media. The company has also started offering an EditDV/Adobe After Effects bundle.

LightWave [6] Gets Free Update
NewTek today announced the availability of LightWave 6.0b, a new update to its 3D application that received a major upgrade last month. One of the key upgrades was faster render times, which the company says have been improved "drastically" through code optimization.

Apple, Real Agree To Play Nice
Apple and RealNetworks have announced an Internet streaming deal. Real is now licensing QuickTime technology from Apple and that RealServer 8 now supports the delivery of QuickTime-based content to Apple’s QuickTime players.

Umax Ships New 42-Bit Mac Scanner
JUNE 12—
Umax technologies has announced a new scanner in its line of home office/small office flatbeds. The new Astra 3400 scans images at 600 x 1,200 dpi in 42-bit color using an internal 14-bit analog to digital (A/D) converter.

Appian Releases Mac Dual-Monitor Graphics Card
Appian Graphics yesterday announced the availability of the Jeronimo 2000 for Macintosh, a single-card AGP graphics accelerator that supports dual-monitor connections. It features 32 MB of onboard SGRAM and two Permedia3 accelerators.

Digital Film Tools Releases Composite Suite for AE, Avid
JUNE 9—Digital Film Tools has launched Composite Suite 1.0, a set of tools for Avid AVX systems and Adobe After Effects. It includes effects tools that were, until recently, only available in house at Digital FilmWorks.

NeMo To Offer Mac Player for Web 3D
JUNE 8—NeMo SA, a 3D software developer based in France, says it will ship a Macintosh version of its NeMo Player and NeMo Web browser plugin. NeMo's software allows for the delivery of 3D content on the Web, along with interactivity.

Fuji Announces Entry-Level Digital Camera
Fujifilm today announced it's started shipping the FinePix 1400 Zoom digital camera, a 1.2 megapixel entry-level model. It comes equipped with a Fujinon aspherical 3x optical zoom lens (equivalent to 39 mm to 117 mm on a 35 mm camera) and a 2x digital zoom, with a resolution of 1,280 x 960.

MicroNet Set To Ship RAIDbank Storage Device
JUNE 8—MicroNet says it will start shipping a new RAID solution this month. The RAIDbank 2000, a platform-independent storage device, will support up to 10 drives per unit, with a maximum capacity of 36 GB per drive.

Microsoft To Be Broken in Two
JUNE 7—U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson today ordered that Microsoft Corp., the company that turned a $50,000 investment in the MS-DOS operating system into one of the most important and valuable companies in the world, be split into two companies.

Macromedia Ships Dreamweaver UltrDev
JUNE 7—Macromedia has started shipping its previously announced Dreamweaver UltraDev, a souped-up version of Dreamweaver designed for application development. Macromedia touts the software as "the first application to allow visual creation of data-driven Web applications across industry leading server technologies, such as Sun Microsystems JavaServer Pages, Microsoft Active Server Pages, and Allaire Cold Fusion Markup Language."

Kodak Announces $899 3.1 Megapixel Camera
JUNE 7—Kodak today announced it will ship two new digital cameras this summer. The DC4800 is a 3.1 megapixel model includes a 3x optical zoom lens (28 mm to 84 mm equivalent) enhanced with a 2x digital zoom. The camera can focus as close as 2" from its subject, and the viewfinder has a built-in diopter for easier focusing.

Coda To Release Internet Version of SmartMusic Studio
Coda Music Technology says it's releasing its SmartMusic Studio 6.0 software online. SmartMusic Studio, formerly Vivace, is an accompaniment system that interacts with users while they play their music. It come in versions for vocalists; vocalists, woodwinds and brass; and just woodwinds and brass.

Apple Offers Free Final Cut Pro Upgrade
JUNE 7—Apple yesterday announced it had started shipping Final Cut Pro 1.2.5, an upgrade to its profesional editing and compositing application. The upgrade is available as a free download at Apple's Web site for users of version 1.2.

Focal Point Launches FilmLogic 2.6 in Full, LE Versions
Focal Point Systems yesterday announced the availability of FilmLogic 2.6, a film finishing application designed for independent filmmakers using 35 mm or 16 mm formats. Beginning with this generation, FilmLogic is now available in limited and full versions for the Macintosh.

Kodak Ships Large-Format Inkjet, New Papers and Films
JUNE 6—Kodak today announced the launch of the Kodak Large-Format Inkjet 3043 printer. The new model, which offers 1,440 x 720 DPI resolution, is geared toward creative photo specialty retail outlets, professional photographers, portrait labs, pre-press, proofing and creative design professionals.

Boris To Launch Continuum for After Effects
JUNE 5—Boris FX today announced it will ship a new set of filters for Adobe After Effects. Boris Continuum will include 20 new filters for compositing and effects in AE.

Accom Offers Discount on Affinity Upgrades
Accom is now offering a discount on its Affinity non-linear video editing systems. The new deal gives Cube owners a 15 percent price break on a new Affinity system, while Sphere owners can get 25 percent off the purchase price.

Adobe Ships Illustrator 9
Adobe has started shipping version 9.0 of Illustrator, a vector illustration tool. The new version adds enhanced Web functionality, as well as additional features for its traditional market—print publishers.
Brief: 3dfx Resumes Voodoo5 AGP Shipments
JUNE 1—3dfx has resumed shipment of its Voodoo5 5500 AGP cards. The company said in a released statement that it had perhaps been a bit too cautious when it stopped shipment last week and recalled units that had been shipped to resellers. 3dfx now says units will arrive at resellers by June 9.

Quark Inks Asset management Deal with Quill
Quark Inc. and Quill Communications have struck a deal to integrate Quark's Digital Media System with Quill's CATPUB Web management application.

BitHeadz Offers Unity DS-1 Patch
It's been nary two weeks since BitHeadz started shipping its Unity DS-1 2.0 digital sampler and already the company has released an update. According to BitHeadz, the version 2.01 updater adds better support for the G4 Velocity engine and fixes some minor bugs.

Quantum Starts Volume Shipment of Atlas 10K II
JUNE 1—Quantum Corp. has started volume shipments of its new Atlas 10K II SCSI hard drives. The new models sport a capacity up to 73.4 GB (nearly double the previous generation) and an average seek time of 4.7 milliseconds.

Beatnik Releases Mixman Studio Mac As Online Download
MAY 31—
Beatnik has started offering its Mixman Studio Mac digital audio recording and remixing software as an online download. The new online version, Mixman Studio DL, offers much of the same functionality as the boxed version but sells for $19.95.

Media 100 Bundles DVD Fusion SL with MediaPress Suite
MAY 30
Media 100 has teamed up with Sonic Solutions to add Sonic's DVD Fusion SL authoring software to its MediaPress Suite and MediaPress Suite SDI DVD authoring systems. The new systems are available for Macintosh only.

Corel Ships KnockOut 1.5
MAY 30—
Corel Corp. today announced the availability of KnockOut 1.5 for Macintosh. The new version of this masking application includes a new loupe zoom to magnify selections and the ability to verify mask accuracy by changing the underlying color or inserting another image.

Bitheadz Launches Retro AS-1 Patch Exchange Site
MAY 30—BitHeadz has officially launched its Patch Post forum, which allows users to swap Retro AS-1 patches. The BitHeadz FTP server allows users to access these patches through their Web browser using the name "bitheadz2" and the password "wacom."





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