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Total Training Offers Deals to Creative Mac Readers
25 percent off training tapes

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Total Training, the company that provides Creative Mac with our video tutorials that you've all been viewing for some time now, is offering a special deal to Creative Mac readers. Those who order any Total Training video training product and mention Creative Mac will receive 25 percent off the purchase. Total Training offers a number of training products, including:

  • Total After Effects (available for versions 3 through 4.1)
  • Total Premiere
  • Total InDesign
  • Total Evolution
  • Total Painter
  • Total Final Effects
  • Total Photoshop (available in three separate series or as a complete package)
  • Total Illustrator 9.0

Total Training also offers "Total Value Bundles," which include various mixes and matches between training series. These include:

  • Dynamic Prepress Pack (Total InDesign/Total Photoshop Complete, 28 Tapes, 2 CD-ROMs)
  • Dynamic Media Survival Pack (Total After Effects 4/4.1 Production Bundle/Total Premiere, 20 Tapes, 3 CD-ROMs)
  • Dynamic Studio Pack (Total After Effects 4/4.1 Production Bundle/Total Photoshop Complete/Total Premiere, 40 Tapes, 4 CD-ROMs)
  • Dynamic Essentials Pack (Total Photoshop Complete/Total After Effects 4/4.1 Production Bundle, 34 Tapes, 3 CD-ROMs)
  • Darwin Pack (Atomic Power Evolution 1.0 Software/Total Evolution/Total After Effects 4/4.1 Production Bundle, 18 tapes, 3 CD-ROMs)
  • Poseidon Pack (Atomic Power Psunami 1.0 Software/Total Psunami/Total After Effects 4/4.1 Production Bundle, 16 Tapes, 3 CD-ROMs)
  • Dynamic Publishers Pack (Total Photoshop, Total Illustrator and Total InDesign, 38 Tapes + 3 CD-ROMs)
  • Dynamic Creativity Pack (Total Photoshop 5/5.5 Complete, Total Illustrator 9, Total After Effects 4/4.1 Production Bundle and Total Premiere 5/5.1. 50 Tapes + 5 CD-ROMs)

This offer is valid through the end of the year. For more information, visit http://www.totaltraining.com. To see some video tutorials from the Total Training series, click on the "Tutorials" button in the left menu.

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