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Quark, Spin Bring Print to Web Solution to XPress

'Index' works with avenue.quark to publish directly to the Internet

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Quark and Spin Solutions have announced a relationship to provide solutions designed to diminish the cost structures, complexity and time associated with delivering print content online. The new Index software from Spin will allow companies to deploy QuarkXPress content to the Web and manage their Web sites more effectively.

The Index software integrates with avenue.quark, which is XTension software for QuarkXPress that lets customers tag content in QuarkXPress documents and extract it in XML format. Index lets users post the selected content directly to the Web and deliver the same content using other information delivery methods such as wireless devices, syndication servers, telex and, eventually, digital TV, according to Quark.

Index is Spin Solutions' first product to market. Features include:

  • Streamlining Web site management by allowing non-technical authors to submit, edit, review and approve content. Authors can control the launch and expiration of content.
  • Index supports complex workflows and site architectures, allowing Web publishers to target multiple sites with content, collect content from multiple sites and syndicate content.
  • It promotes user interaction by allowing visitors to customize the presentation of Web site content as well as the site's look and feel.

Index also provides site search and threaded discussion capabilities. Index will work woith the Macintosh version of avenue.quark, but it resides on a 2000 server. It costs about $50,000. For information, visit http://www.quark.com or http://www.spinsol.com.

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