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Prerelease Version of PowerParticles Pro 2.0 Available Now
Particle plugin for Electric Image includes OpenGL previews, alpha control

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

TripleD Tools today announced the prerelease version of its PowerParticles Pro 2.0 particle system for Electric Image. The new version includes an OpenGL preview that lets parameter changes be viewed as they're made. Previews in Electric Image can be viewed either as emitted objects, tokens, points or direction arrows. Previews can also be set to display a percentage of emitted objects you want to see. For example, you can achieve faster previews by viewing only 10 percent of the particles emitted, while still being able to determine position, direction, etc.

PowerParticles Pro has a new tabbed interface that allows users to toggle between Emitter, Emitted Objects, Dynamics and Preferences. The Emitter Tab controls all emission functions. The Emitted Objects Tab controls specific parameters for the objects being emitted. The Dynamics Tab controls forces that act upon the flow of emitted objects. The Preferences Tab controls Electric Image preview and PowerParticles Pro preview settings.

The new version includes Fans, which allow artists to blow particles around or to attract objects by using a negative intensity. Fans, according to TripleD, as set up just like EI's lights, and users can choose between Radial, Spot and Parallel types. It uses built-in Primitive Emission Emit Points, Spheres, Cubes or flat planes without providing a child object. They can grow and stretch over time as well.

PowerParticles Pro 2.0 also offers up to 100 colors and 100 alpha channel levels for the life of an emitted object. Colors and alpha channel grayscale values can be loaded from from PICT files, and the new version also provides tools to control color selection.

Finally, the new version's interface includes virtual sliders, which allow users to set values by dragging the mouse over a preview window to set a value.

The prerelease version is available now at a discounted price through December. Those who purchase the prerelease will automatically receive the final version (with documentation) when it's released. The full version costs $239 (regularly $299), while the upgrade from 1.5 costs $99 (regularly $149). PowerParticles Basic is also available. It doesn't have all of the functionality of Pro, but it's free, and it doesn't time out. For more information, visit http://www.tripledtools.com.

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