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Portent Brings Real Content to Adobe GoLive
Free plugin lets users drag and drop RealPlayer into Web pages

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Portent Interactive has released a beta version of the RealSystem Extension for Adobe GoLive 5.0. The extension allows designers and developers to embed the RealPlayer in their Web pages without working in the HTML source. The tool also allows point-and-click configuration of the RealPlayer control panel, custom graphical buttons and player mode.

The plugin, written using the Adobe GoLive Software Development Kit, allows any GoLive 5.0 user to drag-and-drop an instance of the RealPlayer to a Web page. Once placed, the player can be resized and positioned using GoLive's visual layout tools. Web designers can also select which RealPlayer controls appear on the screen. In addition, designers can use their own artwork as stop, pause and play controls for the player. The extension accepts all standard Web graphics types, as well as GoLive SmartObjects.

The GoLive Real extension is available now for free (Mac and Windows) from http://www.portentinteractive.com.

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