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MOTU Ships FreeStyle 2.31
New version brings parity between Mac and Windows

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Mark of the Unicorn has started shipping FreeStyle 2.31, its notation, sequencing and system-exclusive recording and editing suite. According to MOTU, this latest version brings feature parity between Power Mac/68 K Mac and all Windows operating systems from 95 on up.

The new version adds features like Event List editing, Step Record, system-exclusive recording and editing, support for more than 275 MIDI instruments and sound modules and more. Some of these new features include:

  • The Event List display, which shows MIDI data events in numerical form, includes a "Step Time" parameter, which shows the length of time until the next event.
  • FreeStyle's Step Record feature, which lets users insert notes and chords one at a time from either a computer keyboard or MIDI instrument, includes Visual Step Record. Visual Step Record allows users to see the actual notes or chords they are inserting, in either piano roll form or in dynamically transcribed musical notation, right before they step enter them. Step record feature allows users to enter notes entirely from the computer keyboard, without a MIDI instrument.
  • Support for inserting, recording and editing MIDI system exclusive data, Registered Parameter Number controllers and Non-Registered Parameter Number controller data.

FreeStyle 2.31 fully supports USB Macintosh computers. Existing FreeStyle users can upgrade their current copy of FreeStyle for $69. A competitive crossgrade to FreeStyle is also available. The full version runs $195.

For more information, visit http://www.motu.com.

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