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LightWave 6.5 Preview Comes to OS X
NewTek releases preview today, mirror on Creative Mac

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

NewTek's LightWave 6.5 Preview for OS X has now been released. It's available for free for registered users of LightWave 6.x and can be downloaded from Creative Mac's mirror site at http://www.creativemac.com/downloads/downloads.htm. The announcement was made earlier today.

"This will be a preview release only, as OS X, from Apple, is still in beta," said Chuck Baker, director of customer service and support at NewTek. "NewTek will not support this release, as it is a preview; we are simply making it available for use. There will be a note to this effect on the download page."

A LightWave render farm running on Mac OS X. This photo was taken at the NewTek booth at the Siggraph 2000 show.

Baker said he was uncertain about which features would be available in the preview release but that the final version would have all the features of the Mac OS 9.x version and "probably more." We at Creative Mac haven't had a chance to test the features yet. Meanwhile, we are now mirroring the OS X release on Creative Mac's download area at http://www.creativemac.com/downloads/downloads.htm.

The update must be installed while running OS 9. The application itself requires the OS X public beta. You can also download the LightWave 6.5 updater for OS 8/9 at Creative Mac's download page.

For more information about LightWave 6.5, please read our story about it here or visit http://www.newtek.com.

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