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Native Offers New Sounds for Reaktor, Dynamo
Free downloads include Junatik, Weedwhacker

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Digital audio developer Native Instruments has released two new synthesizers for its Reaktor and Dynamo products for the Mac (and Windows). The two new "sounds" include Junatik and Dynamo, both available as free downloads from Native's Web site.

Junatik, developed by Native Instruments and Joerg Holzamer, offers a recreation of a popular synth from the 1980s called Juno. The sound architecture of Junatik was modeled on the original and carefully supplemented with some important functions, according to Native. Besides an authentic sounding filter, Junatik offers an improved oscillator section. With its threefold and detunable saw wave it is also capable of producing detuned and very fat sounds. An optional velocity sensitivity, which was not available in the original, has also been implemented. Additionally, the sound generation has been supplemented by a three-band EQ with a semiparametric middle band, a distortion unit and a tempo-based stereo delay with filter. The chorus effect of the original has also been implemented. (Click here for a sample.)

Weedwacker, developed by Siegmar Kreie, is a feedback oscillator capable of chaotic behavior with filter, distortion and delay. It offers oscillator, filter, envelopes and LFOs, and the oscillator works with an audio feedback loop to generate a pulse wave. The steepness of the rising and falling slopes can be adjusted separately, so the pulse wave can be modified to look and sound more like a sawtooth or triangle wave. This signal is fed into a peak filter, which is tunable in semitones and used to boost the selected frequency band extremely. The next stage in the signal flow is a module for amplitude mirroring. After passing this module, the signal is send to the oscillator's output and back to the pulse wave oscillator's input for controlling the pulse width of the waveform. Additionally, the pulse wave can be frequency modulated by a noise generator. (Click here for a sample.)

For more information or to download the sounds, visit http://www.nativeinstruments.com.

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