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Extensis Offers Free Upgrades

Photoshop plugins get 6.0 support

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Extensis has released updates to its plugins for Adobe Photoshop. The new versions have been updated to offer compatibility with Photoshop 6.0. The free upgrades can be downloaded by registered customers from the Extensis Web site. New versions include:

  • Intellihance Pro 4.03, which is designed to streamline image and color correction.
  • Mask Pro 2.02, a tool for creating masks using tools that help automatically remove areas of the image outside the subject.
  • PhotoGraphics 1.01, which adds illustration tools to Photoshop's palettes, including enhanced text capabilities.
  • PhotoFrame 2.0, a plugin that creates frame and border effects. It ships with a large number of frames, and users can add their own as well.
  • PhotoTools 3.06, a collection of special effects tools for Web and print design.

Extensis also recently announced discounted pricing on all of its Photoshop and QuarkXPress tools. You can read more about that here. For more information, visit http://www.extensis.com.

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