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Electric Image Sets Pricing for Universe 3D
EI 2.9 discount pricing extended

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Electric Image today announced complete pricing plans for its upcoming Universe 3D animation system, which the company says will be one of the most significant upgrades in EI's history. The full version of Universe will be available for $1,995, and upgrade prices for current customers will range from $295 to $495.

Universe adds a number of new features to Electric Image’s modeling, animation and rendering tools, as well as cross-platform support for Windows 2000/NT, Macintosh, Sun and SGI computers. (A complete Universe feature list, way too extensive to list here, is now available at EI's site.)

Universe is expected to begin shipping in January.

Electric Image has also extended special pricing on Electric Image 2.9 ($995) from now until the release of Universe next month. Customers who take advantage of this special can then upgrade to a cross-platform or same-platform version of Universe for $495. Other upgrade pricing has been set as follows:





All platforms: NT/2000, Mac, Sun or SGI


Universe upgrade 1

Upgrade from Electric Image 2.9/Modeler


Universe upgrade 2

Upgrade from Electric Image 2.8 or older versions


Cross-platform Universe upgrade

Upgrade from any previous version to a new platform. Customer keeps original dongle, but may not upgrade previous version


Electric Image 2.9 Promotional Version to Universe upgrade

Upgrade for customers who purchased Electric Image 2.9 at $995 during the special promotion


For for information, visit http://www.electricimage.com.

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