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Andromeda Launches eArt Services

Program offers 'fine art' collections, custom artwork for digital media designers

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Andromeda Software, known chiefly for its Photoshop plugins, such as Techtures, Three-D Luxe and others, has launched a new service for distributing "fine art" for use by graphic designers. The new online service, called "eArt Services," offers collections of works (sketches and paintings) tailored for use for digital media design work.

eArtservices premiers with three "studios" offering a collection of fine art paintings and sketches. The collection in the three studios emphasizes a variety of fine art styles and themes carefully hand done with minimal background for digital media use. They include:

  • Studio 1-Flowers, a collection of impressionist floral paintings originally hand painted in acrylics then converted to digital format.
  • Studio 2-Animals, a collection of hand-rendered charcoal sketches and pen and ink drawings of wild and domestic animals.
  • Studio 3-Monuments, hand-rendered pen and ink sketches of architectural monuments from around the world.

All of the collections are available in high-, medium- and low-resolution versions ranging from about 70 KB to 6 MB in file size. Pricing is as follows:

Resolution Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3
Low-Resolution 59.99 39.99 19.99
Medium-Resolution 69.99 49.99 29.99
High-Resolution 99.99 59.99 39.99

eArtservices also offers art services like commissioning and conversion. For more information, visit http://www.eartservices.com or http://www.andromeda.com.

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