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Amadeus II 3.0 Released
New version includes real-time tools, spectrum analysis of up to 32,000 bands

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Martin Hairer today announced the release of Amadeus II 3.0, its disk-based, visual waveform audio file editing and analyzing application for the Mac. Amadeus II includes capabilities like live audio recording, digitizing tapes and records, sampling from an external source and editing and analyzing MP3, AIFF, QuickTime and WAVE files.

Amadeus II 3.0 supports sound files of sizes up to 2 GB with extensive support of markers, according to Hairer. It also has the ability to repair sounds and offers multiple undo and multiple scrap capabilities. Other features include:

  • Several effects, including echoes, filters, fadings;
  • The ability to normalize part of a sound;
  • Waveform generation from scratch;
  • Background noise suppression;
  • An open plugin architecture that allows the experienced user to program with only a few lines of code;
  • Several real-time tools, including two types of spectrum analysis with 10 to 512 bands, an oscilloscope and a waterfall display;
  • Tools available on recorded sounds include precise spectrum analysis (up to 32,000 bands), animated spectrum, 3D spectrum, waveform statistics and sonograms.

Version 3.0 includes among many bug fixes and minor aesthetic changes the following major new features: High-resolution sonograms; support of QDesign Music 2 format; raw data importing and exporting; multiband RTA; waterfall display; exporting of sonograms as JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG and others; windowing functions (Blackman, Kaiser, Hamming); better support of different sound input devices; unified treatment of file formats; marker generation; dumping of real-time analysis; improved sound repairing algorithm; sound resampling at recording time; support of arbitrary sampling rates up to 1,000 kHz; waveform statistics; and computing of average spectra.

Amadeus II is a $25 shareware program. It can be downloaded from http://mpej.unige.ch/~hairer/Amad2.html. Amadeus II 3.0 is available in English only. A French translation is in progress and will be released within a few days, according to Hairer. It requires Mac OS 8.1 or later, a PowerPC processor and 10 MB free RAM. Mac OS 9 and QuickTime 4.1 or later are recommended for full functionality.

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