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Sapphire Ships Plugins for Adobe After Effects
New set offers 'oddball' color and grayscale gradient effects

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Sapphire Innovations has released Sapphire Effects 1 for Adobe After Effects. The new package includes nine plugins designed to create "oddball" warp and gradient effects in color and grayscale, including negative/inverse effects, line effects, dotty effects, circular ring effects, starburst effects, posterisation, solar effects and threshold color effects.

The set includes:

  • Greyscale Apply, which applies various grayscale effects to a video image;
  • Negative Apply, which applies various negative color channel effects to an image;
  • OpBurst Apply, which creates gradient color bursts across an image.
  • OpDots Apply, which applies dotty effects to an image;
  • OpLines Apply, which puts lines across an image, changing the color, density and warping of the lines;
  • OpRings Apply, which applies colored rings to an image for interference color patterns, wave effects, etc.;
  • Posterisation, which offers a wide range of posterisation channel effects;
  • Solaroid, which includes a wide range of color effects;
  • Threshold Apply, which plays with color channels to produce various color effects.

A demo is available on Sapphire's Web site. The full version, available for Mac and Windows, sells for $85. It requires Adobe After Effects 4.0 or 4.1. For more information, visit http://www.sapphire-innovations.com.

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