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RE:Vision Releases Twixtor for Mac
Plugin for After Effects allows retiming on a frame by frame basis

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

RE:Vision Effects has announced ReelSmart Twixtor, a new plugin that allows users to speed up, slow down and alter the frame rate of image sequences. The plugin is compatible with Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, Pinnacle Systems Commotion and Discreet Combustion, as well as other software packages that support these effects.

Twixtor synthesizes unique new frames by warping and interpolating frames that existed in the original sequence. It incorporates RE:Vision's proprietary tracking technology, which calculates motion for each individual pixel.

RE:Vision says that this is the only plugin of its kind for the Macintosh. Features include:

  • Calculation of motion vectors at each pixel;
  • Warping and interpolation of frames to "time warp" input footage;
  • Smart processing of fields in the input and output as appropriate;
  • Stretching of a sequence using a single scaling parameter;
  • Keyframable retiming on a frame by frame basis.

Frame rate conversions are only supported in After Effects.

ReelSmart Twixtor is available for both Macintosh and Windows and is priced at $329.99. If you purchase it by Nov. 17, the price is $274.99.

For more information, visit http://www.revisionfx.com.

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