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Quark Unveils QuarkWrapture
Package design software supports QuickTime VR

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Quark Inc. has announced the release of QuarkWrapture, a 3-D visualization software package designed to accelerate the process of packaging and product design.

QuarkWrapture incorporates a CAD structure and a graphic design application for generating package designs and rendering them in 3D from a single file.

Electronic mockups can be delivered in JPEG or QuickTime VR format, according to Quark, which is supposed to eliminate the need for preliminary physical mockups.

Features include:

  • Structure file import for importing structure files in EPS format.
  • 3D Presentation for rendering in three dimensions on screen using the Mockup palette. The rendered image can be viewed from any angle, and its folding sequence can be animated.
  • Die line editing lets users add and remove structural elements and export the modified die line in EPS format.
  • Modify fold angles and fold order.
  • Export from the Mockup palette, including JPEG and QuickTime VR formats.
  • Import text and picture files.
  • Multiple language support, including viewing the interface, checking spelling and hyphenating in French, German, U.S. English and International English. Users can also run a spell check and hyphenate in seven other languages.

QuarkWrapture is available now for the Macintosh for $6,999. For more information, visit http://www.quark.com.

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