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Panopticum Plugin Galaxy Gets Update

Photoshop package expands into other apps

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Panopticum has updated its Plugin Galaxy, a set of filter for Adobe Photoshop, to version 1.01. The new version, according to Panopticum, fixes bugs and adds compatibility with a wider array of applications, such as Illustrator, ImageReady, PageMaker, Photoline 32, Canvas and Color It!

Plugin Galaxy is set of 20 plugins for Photoshop that produce more than 120 basic effects, each of which is controllable through sliders. It includes texturing, blurring and transparency manipulation, as well as effects like metals, glass and star effects. Plugins include:

  • Alpha Tool for manipulating the alpha channel;
  • Bluuur for more blur effects;
  • Breakfast for creating textures;
  • Coolorize, which manipulates the colors of an image;
  • Cryptology, which lets users encrypt or decrypt images at 64 bits;
  • Edge Tool for creating edge variations;
  • Feedback, which creates radial feedback and vortex effects;
  • Fusion for creating metal, chrome and neon effects;
  • Glass for creating glass-like effects;
  • Grid, which creates grid effects, including embossed grids;
  • Instant Mirror, which creates mirror effects;
  • Noiseee for noise effects;
  • Pop Art for creating pop-art effects;
  • Rainbow, which creates rainbow gradients;
  • Star, which creates star and lens flare effects;
  • Sunshine for emulating sun or sunset effects;
  • Synthesizer, which creates synthetic patterns;
  • Warp 1 and Warp 2 for creating warp effects;
  • Zoom, which allows users to zoom in on selected areas of an image.

Plugin Galaxy is available for $49.95. For more information, visit http://www.panopticum.com.

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