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Beatnik Releases Mixman StudioPro 4 for Mac
New version includes expanded sound library

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Beatnik has started shipping Mixman StudioPro 4.0 for the Mac. Mixman is DJ remixing software whose tools include Remixing Studio for real-time performance-based remixing, FX Studio for manipulating component sounds, Editing Studio for composition and Recording Studio to add personalized sounds into each mix.

Unique to the Mac version is the ability to control the Remixing Studio using any MIDI keyboard or input device. Also, for the first time, users are now able to export their sound sets using Beatnik's own Rich Music Format (RMF).

Mixman StudioPro 4.0 allows users to upload their creations to their own personalized home page on the Mixman site, called My Mixzone. My Mixzone has photo capabilities and interchangeable skins.

Mixman StudioPro 4.0 comes with an expanded library of sounds, including guitars, drums, vocals and keyboards that can be used to create original songs. Also available are Soundiscs, supplemental libraries that give users a broader range of selections. These triple-format sample CDs are designed to work with Mixman Studio and StudioPro. Each sound comes in Audio, TRK and WAV formats. Mixman StudioPro 4.0 for the Mac is available now for $89.95.

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