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Maxon Releases Cinema 4D Production Suite
Package includes Cinema 4D XL 6.2, Cinema 4D Net, BodyPaint 3D

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Maxon today announced that it's released the Cinema 4D Production Suite, a set of 3D modeling, animation, rendering and painting tools. The new suite includes previously released Maxon product bundled in a package that runs about $2,400. It ships with Cinema 4D XL, an unlimited client copy of Cinema 4D Net and Maxon's new BodyPaint 3D.

Cinema 4D XL is Maxon's flagship 3D modeling, animation and rendering package, currently in release 6.2. Features include a particle system, multi-targeted inverse kinematics, motion sequencing, non-linear construction history, a flexible expression system, HyperNURBS modeling and a fully customizable interface.

Cinema 4D Net is a network rendering system that allows you to set up a server and unlimited clients over a TCP/IP network and administer the render jobs via a browser-based interface. Maxon says it supports all flavors of Macintosh and Windows platforms, allowing users to put old machines to work.

BodyPaint 3D is a 3D painting program for Macintosh (and Windows) that allows artists to paint directly onto 3D models. The program lets users paint light and shadows, as well as color, bump, specular, diffusion and a number of other parameters on any 3D object. BodyPaint 3D's Raybrush technology enables users to paint onto 3D objects in final render quality, using any or all material channels, including reflections, transparencies and refractions, with instant onscreen results: realtime painting on objects regardless of the number of polygons, according to Maxon. The software is designed to integrate with Cinema 4D, but it also operates independently as a stand-alone paint program.

For more information, visit http://www.maxon.net.

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