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Maxon Releases BodyPaint 3D
New software lets users paint directly on 3D models

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Maxon Computer has released BodyPaint 3D, a 3D painting program for digital artists. The program is a Macintosh (and Windows) application that allows artists to paint directly onto 3D models. The program lets users paint light and shadows, as well as color, bump, specular, diffusion and a number of other parameters on any 3D object.

Although Maxon says BodyPaint has been released, as of this writing the company's Web site still lists it as a preorder.

BodyPaint 3D's Raybrush technology enables users to paint onto 3D objects in final render quality, using any or all material channels, including reflections, transparencies and refractions, with instant onscreen results: realtime painting on objects regardless of the number of polygons, according to Maxon.

The software is designed to integrate with Cinema 4D, but it also operates independently as a stand-alone paint program.

BodyPaint 3D supports all common 3D model formats and saves associated textures. It imports and writes all major image formats, including PhotoShop (with layers), TIFF, BMP, PICT, QT, JPEG and more. The package includes several presets, such as rust, dirt, scratches, rivets, hairs, welded joints and veins, all of which can be painted into the appropriate material channel automatically.

The software also offers tablet support for the Wacom Intuos system. Users can map most aspects of brush characteristics to the pressure, tilt and angle of the Wacom pen.

BodyPaint 3D can be installed as both an integrated component to Maxon's Cinema 4D XL and a standalone application for Windows 95/98/00/NT or Macintosh. It sells for $595. For more information, visit

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