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BitHeadz Ships Phrazer
Digital audio loop sequencer imports ACID files

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

BitHeadz today released Phrazer, a digital audio loop sequencer for the Macintosh. Phrazer is designed for multitrack loop arranging and features the ability to simultaneously adjust the tempo and pitch of multiple loops in real time.

A built-in sample editor is included for fine tuning audio files, loop points and sample split points. Samples can be individually transposed and processed with EQ, Normalize, Gain, Reverse or other destructive DSP functions. Multiple time stretching algorithms allow users to select the best method for processing each sample.

Phrazer ships with hundreds of loops and imports AIFF, WAV and Sound Designer II files at 16- or 24-bit resolution. Phrazer also imports CD audio, Sonic Foundry's ACID file format and Unity DS-1 Digital Sampler file format. Users can also record audio into Phrazer from an external source.

Unlimited tracks are available in Phrazer, depending on system RAM and CPU. Users with slower computers can conserve track count by sequencing different loops together on the same track. Each track in Phrazer includes controls for volume, pan, effects and MIDI trigger.

Other features include:

  • Volume and panning can be automated in the Tracks window or adjusted from Phrazer's optional Mix window.
  • Two send effects are available per track, including Phase, Flange, Chorus, Degrade, Distortion, Filter, Dynamic filter, Compressor, Shelf/Parametric EQ, Delay with MIDI sync and Reverb.
  • Phrazer includes one insert effect per track and two global effects for the main stereo output.
  • Loops can be previewed from the built-in File Browser with a single mouse click or added to a new track with a double click.
  • A snap to grid preference allows users to quantize loop placement to 4-bar, 2-bar, 1-bar, half note or quarter note values.

Phrazer is also designed to integrate into music production setups. The program will sync to MIDI beat clock and is capable of streaming its audio output to other digital audio applications and plugin standards, such as MOTU's Digital Performer and MAS 2.0, Digidesign Pro Tools and DirectConnect, ReWire for Steinberg Cubase VST and the Emagic Logic Audio series.

Phrazer ships with more than 500 MB of royalty-free loops. It requires a 200 MHz or faster PowerPC processor, G3 or higher recommended. The software is optimized for Apple's G4 processor and supports OMS, FreeMIDI, ASIO, Direct I/O, DirectConnect, MAS 2.0, ReWire and Sound Manager. It sells for $399. A demo version is available at BitHeadz' Web site.

For more information, visit http://www.bitheadz.com.

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