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3D Nature Ships World Construction Set for Mac
First Mac release 'identical' to Windows version

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

3D Nature has started shipping version 5.3 of its World Construction Set (WCS). Version 5.3 marks the first release of WCS for the Mac, which 3D Nature says offers all the same features as its Windows counterpart. World Construction Set is an application designed for professional photorealistic terrain modeling, visualization, rendering and animation. It lets artists visualize and animate real places where they belong on the planet.

Image copyright ©2000 by Mike Swinford/UpLate Design

For those familiar with the Windows version, WCS 5.3 offers many improvements and new features, according to 3D Nature. The enhanced Data Import Wizard now recognizes DXF vector colors and allows more flexibility when importing ArcView Shape files. The Atmospheric Editor has improved control over volumetric atmospheres for dramatic haze, fog and crepuscular ray effects. The WCS Texture Engine now offers pixel smoothing for image-based terrain modification without stepping artifacts. WCS can now export edited terrain data and realistic texturing to create real-time 3D applications in interactive games and on the Internet. Improved OpenGL Views can now show edited terrain in real time. The new Illustrator file support makes it easy to integrate WCS renderings into realistic maps.

The Mac version of the WCS is available now for $995. A version is also available with training for $2,290. For more information, visit

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