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YARC Releases Mac RIPs for Epson 7500, 9500
System ships with adapter for USB connection

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

YARC Systems has released its Macintosh-based Xtreme Postscript RIPs for Epson Stylus Pro 7500 and 9500 printers. The new systems include a proprietary USB to parallel connector for hooking the Mac up to the Stylus Pro printers. YARC says it took some time to tweak its six-color management system to work with he new Archival inks used by the 7500 and 9500 but that the systems are now working as well as they do on Epson's dye-based inks.

According to YARC, the Xtreme can produce halftone proofs to simulate Match-Prints and Cromalins. CMYK contract proofs can also be generated.

YARC has placed an evaluation copy of the SP 7500 software for free download at its Web site at http://www.yarc.com/xtreme.htm. This evaluation software may also be used with the Stylus Pro 9500, but the printing width is limited to 24 inches. The evaluation software runs for two hours in each session before it exits and must be restarted. It will not time out in the middle of a job. The Retail Pack is available now and priced at $299 for the 7500 and $749 for the 9500. Until Oct. 31, the introductory price at YARC's online store has been discounted to $249 and $649, respectively.

For more information, visit http://www.epson.com or http://www.yarc.com.

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