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Yamaha To Ship 40x FireWire Audio Rippers
LightSpeed drives also offer 16x CD-R capabilities

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Yamaha last week announced a new series of CD-RW drives—the LightSpeed CRW2100 series—that offer 40x audio ripping capabilities. The drives will start shipping in the middle of this month, with a FireWire model planned for release in December.

In addition to ripping audio CDs, the drives also write data at 16x, rewrite at 10x and read at 40x. When they ship, these drives will be the fastest available for the Mac.

The CRW2100 series recorders offer an 8 MB buffer memory and will use high-performance 16x CD-R media to optimize record speed and reliability. Yamaha and other media makers will introduce 74-minute and 80-minute 16x CD-R media this month.

The CRW2100 series will feature four models: the internal CRW2100EZ using an EIDE interface (available mid-October); the internal CRW2100SZ using an Ultra SCSI interface (available in late October); the external CRW2100SXZ using Ultra SCSI (available late November); and the external CRW2100FXZ using a FireWire interface (available early December). All models will be compatible with Macintosh computers.

The drives will include software for both Mac and PC, including Adaptec Easy CD Creator, Direct CD and Toast; Adobe's ActiveShare and Photo Deluxe; and the Neato CD Labeler Kit.

Pricing was not available, but Yamaha's current line of fast CD-RWs, introduced in June, sell for about $250. For more information, visit

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