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NEWS OCTOBER 31 , 2000
TripleD Releases Shaders for Electric Image
aEdge includes six shaders

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

TripleD Tools has released a set of six shaders for Electric Image. The set, called aEdge, all affect shape edges in one way or another. The shaders include:

  • aFalloff, which varies colors based on the way the parts of the object face the camera. Modes include: Edge Start, Center Start, Falloff, Distort Amount, Distort Scale, Anti Aliasing and Color mode.
  • aRamp, which generates ramps.
  • aRIM, an automatic rimlight for outlining the edge of a model, simulating a light that is placed behind the object. The light always stays in the same position relative to the camera.
  • aSEM simulates a scanning electron microscope.
  • bFraktal, a fractal noise and bump generator. Modes include: Fractal Type, Detail, Distort, Scale, bump, Overflow, Clip, Soft Clip, Repeat, Fold, Clamp, Brightness, Contrast, Colors (including alpha), Apply mode and Antialiasing.
  • aStorm for doing detailed, volumetric-looking, cloudy renderings and textures.

aEdge is available now for $139. After Nov. 15, the price will go up to $159. For more information, visit

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