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StageTools MovingPicture plugin. Click image to see an enlarged view of the interface.


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StageTools Releases Mac Versions of MovingPicture
Software for Avid, After Effects allows pan and zoom on still images

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

StageTools has released MovingPicture, a plugin for Adobe After Effects and Premiere and Avid Media Composer and XPress. The plugin, now available for the Mac, is a tool designed for documentary and industrial filmmakers that allows them to pan and zoom on high-resolution still images.

MovingPicture uses digital images on a desktop machine using an animation-stand metaphor, where a virtual camera viewfinder is positioned over the digital image in real time. A series of keyframes can be set, each one specifying what the camera will see at some point in time. The moves can be previewed in real time and rendered in without leaving the editor's timeline. Motion is field-rendered at the sub-pixel level for smooth motion in 32-bit color.

StageTools says the release of MovingPicture for Mac heralds a whole series of cross-platform creative tools in the future.

The company will release versions for Media 100 and Discreet Logic's edit* system at the end of the year. A fully functional evaluation copy can be downloaded from the company's Web site at The MovingPicture plugin is available now and sells for $199.

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