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NEWS OCTOBER 30 , 2000
Sonnet Upgrades 7200s
Old machines get G3/G4 options

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Sonnet Technologies today announced new upgrades for Power Mac 7200 machines. The two new upgrade cards join a previously announced 7200 Crescendo upgrade from Sonnet. The old 7200s previously had no upgrade options.

The new Crescendo G3 400 MHz offers 512 KB backside cache with a 3:1 cache ratio. The new Crescendo G4 400 MHz offers 1M backside cache with a 2:1 cache ratio. Sonnet says the new series of Power Mac 7200 upgrades will boost performance up to 13 times that of the original system.

The 7200 upgrade card is installed into an available PCI slot, and local RAM is added to the same bus. Sonnet has provided three DIMM sockets to the card, where at least 50% of the total available memory must be located. (One DIMM must remain on the motherboard to handle initial start-up duties.) In addition, the combined memory from both the motherboard and the card are fully utilized to allow greater total RAM capacity than previously possible.

The 7200's motherboard has a slow system bus, but Sonnet's Fortissimo technology, available on these new upgrades, boosts bus speed to 66 MHz, enough to handle 400 MHz and faster processors.

The Crescendo G3/7200 400 with 1 MB backside cache sells for $499.95. The Crescendo G3/7200 400 with 512 KB backside cache sells for $399.95. The Crescendo G4/7200 400 with 1 MB backside cache sells for $599.95.

These upgrades will be available in November. The are compatible with the Power Mac 7200 and 7215; the Workgroup Server 7250; and the Power Mac 8200. For more information, visit http://www.sonnettech.com.

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