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Vision Releases Archive System for QuarkDMS
System supports archiving to multiple tapes

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Vision GmbH and Quark today announced the release of the QuarkDMS Archive module, an XTensions module for Quark Digital Media System. The QuarkDMS Archive module, developed jointly by Quark and Vision, provides near-line archival storage for digital media elements such as text, graphics and other documents.

"Archiving is critical for organizations where the number of assets are rapidly and continually increasing, such as magazine and newspaper publishers," said Scott Moore, QuarkDMS product manager, in a prepared statement. "The QuarkDMS Archive module lets you take advantage of the cost savings of a tape archiving system without sacrificing quick and easy access to your existing content."

The QuarkDMS Archive module uses saved QuarkDMS queries to determine which assets should be archived or restored at a particular time. The files are then moved from QuarkDMS managed file systems to near-line digital linear tape (DLT), but all asset metadata and thumbnails are left online. Users can find, preview and place archived assets into QuarkXPress layouts. Archive operations can be initiated manually by privileged users or automatically started according to a schedule or when the hard drive reaches a certain level of its capacity.

The software supports archiving to multiple tapes to create simultaneous on-site and off-site copies. Supported digital linear tape (DLT) libraries include devices manufactured by StorageTek, Overland, ADIC and ATL (Sun). The QuarkDMS Archive module automatically uses information stored in QuarkDMS attributes to determine when to unload data from the QuarkDMS file system. The data is then automatically stored on DLT. Metadata for the files remains in the QuarkDMS database, so users can search for and preview archived files even after they have been removed from the server.

The QuarkDMS Archive module is available in English and German. The QuarkDMS client requires Mac OS 7.6 or higher. For more information, visit http://www.quark.com.

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