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NEWS OCTOBER 12 , 2000
BoxTop Ships ProJPEG 5
New version supports Photoshop actions

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

BoxTop Software today released version 5.0 of ProJPEG for Macintosh, its plugin for optimizing JPEG files in Photoshop and other applications that accept Photoshop filters. The new version includes support for advanced actions in Photoshop, including automated scripting and batch processing of images. It also has a brand new interface and resizeable window. It has no upper limit on file size, and, according to BoxTop, requires one-third the memory of previous versions.

Other features include:

  • Target file size control for selecting the desired file size, rather than choosing image quality settings.
  • Variable compression allows users to save a selection as the background, which can be compressed more than the foreground, preserving image quality in more important areas.
  • Zoomable and resizeable image previewing with side by side comparisons with the original.
  • Live absolute file size display.
  • Download time estimation.
  • Full range controls, including image quality and smoothing settings from zero to 100.
  • Image smoothing controls, which helps remove low frequency noise from images. Smoothing can be applied to the foreground, background or entire image.
  • Sampling control, which produces higher-quality JPEGs at the expense of compression.
  • Baseline and progressive encoding.
  • Huffman code optimization capability, which generates a custom code table that works best to compress an individual image instead of using a standard generic code table.
  • Presets capabilities.

BoxTop says ProJPEG consistently outperforms Photoshop's built-in JPEG compression. ProJPEG is available now for Macintosh for $49.95 or included in the BoxTop Super Bundle with five other graphics tools for $134.95. An upgrade from previous versions runs $19.95. For more information, visit

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