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Media 100 i Ships
New Mac systems compete with high-end production tools for $3,500 to $17,000

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Media 100 today announced it's shipping all four models of its Media 100i system. Media 100i is a complete editing suite tailored for the Web that provides tools not only for video production and compression, but for interactivity as well.

One of Media 100i's interactive tools is EventStream, which allows users to synchronize HTML, JavaScripts and Flash animations by embedding events into their video timeline. User marks on the timeline enable a video to act as the director of a Web site, triggering commands for other Web pages to automatically open, text to scroll and Flash compositions to animate. Users can also define Hot Spots on a video, which, when selected, can trigger another action, such as linking to an outside site.

The system also allows users to author and embed metadata in their files. Users can enter subjects, keywords and other information that will then be linked with clips, allowing for search and retrieval of clips and programs. The functionality of Metadata is dependent upon the format (QuickTime, RealSystem or WindowsMedia).

Media 100i maintains a separate layer of media for graphics information in streaming files. When users create a lower third on their timeline, they can interpret a graphics track as a separate, static layer. This is designed to produce cleaner graphics overlays and more efficient compression.

Media 100i also supports just about every streaming format on the market, including:

  • Video: QuickTime .mov, Real .rm, WindowsMedia .asf, Sorenson Video, Cinepak, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4.
  • Audio: MP3, Qualcomm PureVoice, QDesign Music, CD, AIFF (.aif) and Wave (.wav).
  • Images: TIFF, TGA, PICT (w/Alpha), Photo-JPEG, BMP and Targa.

Editing capabilities
In addition to integration with Boris FX and Adobe After Effects, InstantMedia integration provides an open link between the media within the Media 100i program and any QuickTime software. Through the Media 100 Transcoder, users can bring project media into any other QuickTime application, accomplish the desired effect and render once before bringing it back into the program for a frame-accurate insert, according to Media 100.

Media 100i also includes a battery of real-time tools to optimize and edit audio content. Users can sweeten their audio with three-band, real-time parametric EQ, use real-time audio crossfades, accomplish frame-accurate audio cuts using real-time audio scrubbing, gauge levels with digital metering and mix audio with real-time rubberbanding for both pan and volume level.

The company promises video quality to rival any system on the market "in any price range." At the heart of this quality is Media 100 hardware that processes video in its native YUV color format. This means that video sustains fewer digital conversions on its way from tape to the hard drive.

The model range
There are four new models in the Media 100i lineup. These include:

The i/leDV is geared toward Web site designers, graphic designers and DV producers. It includes DV, S-Video and Composite video and unbalanced (RCA) audio I/Os, four tracks of live audio, more than 50 video effects, chroma and luma key, character generation, QuickTime effects, the Media 100i After Effects plugin, AppleScript automation, 200/240 KB/frame video compression, EventStream implementation and complete support for all streaming formats. It sells for $3,495.

The i/lx includes all the features of i/LEdv, plus a 300/360 KB/frame data rate, complete EDL support, Component (YUV), Composite and S-Video I/O (DV support optional), balanced (XLR) audio I/O, a rack-mountable junction box and auto and batch digitizing capabilities. It also ships with Boris FX for 3D DVE and compositing work. It sells for $7,995.

The i/xs ships with all the features of i/lx, plus it delivers single-stream, real-time preview effects, real-time graphics track, real-time preview chroma and luma key, real-time preview graphics track, advanced color correction, eight tracks of live audio and real-time parametric audio EQ. It sells for $12,995.

The i/xr is designed for the professional broadcast studio. It includes all of the features of i/xs, plus dual-stream video effects through the RealTimeFX Option, real-time graphics track and SDI and DV I/O. It sells for $17,995.

For more information, visit http://www.media100.com.

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