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NEWS OCTOBER 17 , 2000
Coda and Net4Music Offer Free Finale
Mac audio software available for download

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Coda Music Technology and Net4Music today announced the introduction of Finale NotePad, a free downloadable version of Coda's Finale music notation software, also available on CD-ROM for $19.95. The application, available for Macintosh and Windows, allows musicians to engrave simple music and do interactive editing of their own sheet music in digital format.

"With the introduction of products and services like Finale NotePad, we are looking to establish a common worldwide standard for basic music notation, and to fuel the creation of written music rather than focus on just the finished product," said Net4Music CEO Francois Duliege in a prepared statement.

According to Coda, because the entire Finale family is based on the same software code, familiarity with one product is carried over to any of the others, and all music files created from the same version or earlier versions are compatible. The company plans to offer incentives to Finale NotePad registered users to trade up and buy their next Finale product through dealers. No specific incentives were announced.

The software integrates with Coda's and Net4Music's separate Web publishing systems (Finale Showcase and Net4Publication, respectively). Both services allow songwriters to post their compositions for secure digital download, exposing the works to musicians online. All of the songs posted to Net4Publication and Finale Showcase are protected with Net4Music's proprietary copyright protection engine.

For more information or to download the software, visit or


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