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Alien Skin Releases Eye Candy 4000

Download version available now; CDs ship next week

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Alien Skin has released Eye Candy 4000, an update to Eye Candy 3, adding five new filters to the Photoshop plugin package.

Eye Candy 4000 contains the following special effects: Wood, Marble, Melt, Drip, Corona, Fire, Smoke, Chrome, Shadowlab, Bevel, Boss, Glass, Fur, Jiggle, Cutout, Motion Trail, Water Drops, Gradient, Glow, Weave, Swirl, HSB Noise, Star, Squint and Antimatter.

New features include unlimited undo capability for all filters, new Bevel Profile and Color Gradient Editors, seamless tiling for texture effects, hundreds of tradable presets that create complex effects instantly, large previews that include underlying layers, real-world parameter units for creating resolution-independent effects and maximum support for RGB, CMYK and other image modes.

All previous Eye Candy filters have new controls, and many have been completely reworked, according to Alien Skin.

Creative Mac gave Eye Candy 4000 one of its Best of Show awards for Seybold 2000.

The new version runs $169. For more information, visit To order right now, you must call 888-921-SKIN inside the United States. International contacts are available on the company's Web site.

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