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Electric Image Offers Discount on EIAS 2.9
Discounted upgrade to Universe also promised

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Electric Image has started offering EIAS 2.9 for $995. The company says the special price is available from now until the release of EI:Universe, which is expected at the end of November. When Universe is released, the upgrade will be $495, according to EI. (The special price will apply to same-platform or cross-platform upgrades.)

So why the discount? According to the company's Web site, "We here at Electric Image are so excited about our recent return to being an independent company we want to spread the joy." The regular price is $2,295.

The latest version of EIAS is 2.92 (available as a free download for purchasers of 2.9). Some of the standard features include:

  • Function Curve Editor for animating all factors of any model or many models all at once.
  • Poly Mesh Inverse Kinematics for multiple links and chains, multiple constraints, multiple linkage types, rotation and translation parameter limits, center of angle or stiffness, gravity and forward kinematics with locked children.
  • Motion Capture Data for the import and export of Bio Vision format (.bva and .bvh files) motion capture data.
  • Object Morphing, including user control over the timing and morphing percentages.
  • Glowing Objects
  • Skies and Backgrounds, which let the user specify horizon and nadir colors and ground plane color.
  • Bezier Motion Path Splines.
  • Smart Deformations for adding stretch, bulge, twist, shear, Bezier and more to objects. Multiple deformations can be applied to an object in any order for varying results.
  • Sync Sound for animating directly to sound cues (5 kHz to 64 kHz supported).
  • Ability to Merge Projects.
  • ElectricImage now can import entire LightWave scenes.
  • ElectricImage Animation and Broadcast imports more than 30 Different Model Formats, including formats from different platforms.
  • 3D Font Models can be created instantly from PostScript and TrueType fonts with automatic bevels and fillets.
  • Live Texture Map Preview.
  • Texture Map Blending using Photoshop-style blending tools (normal, multiply, soft light, hard light, color burn, etc.) to blend textures.
  • Procedural Texture Maps.
  • Clip Maps for cutting holes into objects.
  • Displacement Maps.
  • Unlimited Texture Map Layering.
  • Texture Animation Playback Control.
  • Texture Map Opacity Control.
  • Support for as many as 4 million textures in a scene.
  • 3D Camera Projection Maps.
  • Projector Lights

EIAS requires Mac OS 7.5 or later. For more information, visit http://www.electricimage.com.

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