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Mac Dominates Digital Video
Survey Gives Bullish Vision of Digital Media Marketplace

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Digital Media Online, the parent company of Creative Mac, has released a survey today that presents a bullish outlook for the digital media marketplace, particularly digital video. The survey—and several others—are available through the DMN Research Center at http://www.dmnresearch.com.

The findings of the most recent survey, as well as others, show that the Macintosh dominates digital video. One survey shows that the Mac makes up 58 percent of the marketplace. Windows and Windows NT trail with 41 percent combined. The survey also shows, however, that growth is favoring the various Windows platforms, which got a later start than the Macintosh.

The findings also show that editing makes up the bulk of the market, at 70 percent, where Apple has been making strong inroads with its Final Cut Pro software, while compositing comes in at 17 percent and paint/effects comes in at 13 percent.

A survey conducted by SCRI and DMN shows that the Mac makes up 56.8 percent of the television marketplace for production and post; 46.9 percent of video post; 55.8 percent of video production; and 23.6 percent of film production.

"Digital media professionals are involved in the market place on a daily basis," said Lou Wallace, CEO of Digital Media Online. "Having them identify that the market will continue to grow has huge implications for the digital media industry as a whole."

The survey results indicate that more than 85 percent of the more than 2,100 respondents see demand for their product and/or service continuing to grow. Professional titles surveyed include presidents, owners, directors, editors, chief engineers, product managers, department managers, production managers, animation artists, recording engineers, designers, CAD managers and more.

This report and other market information are available in the DigitalMediaNet.com Research Center and through http://www.dmnresearch.com. Additional research reports available on the site include data on digital media trade shows, Internet access speed, Web streaming, browser preference and more.

"The DigitalMediaNet.com survey results are in line with the general bullish outlook in the professional video marketplace—less than 1 percent of the sample reported declining demand. New technologies and applications such as streaming media are driving demand for products and services in this marketplace," said Des Chaskelson, research director of SCRI International.

The DigitalMediaNet.com Research Center features data, market analysis and company profiles to provide DigitalMediaNet.com community members with the most up-to-date information on the digital media market. New reports are added to the sites several times a month and are accessible through http://www.dmnresearch.com. The research reports include information compiled by SCRI International and Wanda Meloni, independent market analyst.

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