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NEWS OCTOBER 19 , 2000
ConceptDraw gets Update to 1.55
New version expands library, enhances printing

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Computer Systems Odessa has released an update to its Macintosh drafting, illustration and design tool, ConceptDraw. The new version, 1.55, includes Text Auto Expand mode, enhanced printing, new library objects (including some designed specifically for OS X) and better data exchange with Adobe Illustrator.

Version 1.55 also gets several bug fixes, including:

  • For dual-monitor systems, the option to move the toolbars to the other screen added.
  • Objects are dragged out of the libraries correctly when the Smart (Direct) Connection mode is on.
  • Export to HTML now works correctly for documents that contain objects with invisible lines and without text.
  • Fixed problems occurring when copying objects from Adobe Illustrator to ConceptDraw.
  • The incorrect page size setting problem fixed.
  • Pictures with thick lines pasted from ConceptDraw into MS Word now print correctly.

The 1.55 update also includes numerous feature enhancements. These are:

  • The printer settings are now saved together with the documents
  • The Printing tab in the Document Properties dialog lets users configure how printed pages are laid out when the document is larger than one printed page, how the document is arranged on the page (when it's smaller than one printed page) and printed page orientation (portrait, landscape).
  • New button for the Text Auto Expand mode added to the Text toolbar. When this mode is on, the object gets extended horizontally and/or vertically if text doesn't fit.
  • The Shift key now constrains manipulations with vertices to strictly horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
  • Save Copy As added to the File menu.
  • Alignment, Distribute and MakeSame tools now can be applied to 1D objects.
  • When exporting to HTML, the text in the Description field (Information dialog) will be transformed into an HTML tip.
  • Pressing Esc on operations with objects (creating, resizing, dragging an object) cancels the operation.
  • Print Preview button added to the toolbar.
  • Page tabs (at the bottom of the screen) are smaller and can show balloons.
  • Option+drag drags a copy of the object instead of Cmd+drag before. (Cmd now alternates Snap mode.)

This latest update is free to registered users and is available as a download from the Concept Draw Web site. Volume and academic discounts are available. The full version runs $125. For more information, visit

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