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Andromeda's Series 2 Three-D Luxe wraps images around 3D primitives and adds texture and lighting effects.

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NEWS OCTOBER 11 , 2000
Andromeda Offers Bundle Deals on Photoshop Plugins

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Andromeda has started offering bundle deals on its filters for Adobe Photoshop. For a limited time, any two filters will cost $99. Depending on configuration, the bundle saves anywhere from $44 to $99. Andromeda's Macintosh filters include:

  • Series 1 C-Multi, for optical lens effects;
  • Series 2 Three-D for 3-D surface wrapping, viewpoint control and shading;
  • Series 2 Three-D Luxe, similar to the non-Luxe version, but also including an additional Interface and Surface Library for producing dropout, layered or combined wrapped images and effects.
  • Series 3 Screens for converting grayscale into pure line art, mezzoblends and mezzotints and other specialty screens;
  • Series 4 Techtures for creating tileable textures;
  • Andromeda Shadow Filter for realistic 3-D shadows;
  • Velociraptor, which creates stylized motion trails that can Arc, Bounce, Cascade, Converge, Curve, Decline, Diminish, Jolt, Jitter, Loop, Spiral, Spring, Streak, Trail or Wave;
  • VariFocus Filter, which can focus and defocus with custom control;
  • PhotoTiler (for Adobe PageMaker), which creates customized image contact sheets for managing and viewing any group of images;
  • Measurement Filter, which uses Paths created in Photoshop or created or modified inside the filter to allow the user to examine various image properties simultaneously;
  • Cutline Demo for Mac, which has four screens for engraved and woodcut effects;
  • LensDoc, which is designed to correct barreling, pincushioning, perspective and rotational distortions produced by many zoom and wide angle lenses.

The Andromeda special offer ends Oct. 25. For more information, visit

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