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Adobe Ships InCopy
Editorial workflow system for InDesign offers change tracking

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Adobe today announced the launch of InCopy, an editorial application built on Adobe InDesign. Adobe InCopy, designed specifically for writers, editors and copy-fitters working in newspaper and magazine publishing environments, provides a way for editors to track changes, collaborate with designers and fit copy. InCopy provides a combination change-tracking tool that promotes collaboration without forcing a particular workflow. It shares the same text composition engine as InDesign, so it can fit copy within a layout. In addition, InCopy creates text by using the typographical features of InDesign, such as multi-line composer, optical kerning and margin alignment. It also supports multiple levels of undo and redo.

Users can toggle back and forth from layout and galley views to see how text changes affect the design.

Adobe InCopy requires Mac OS 8.5 or higher. Pricing will be determined by the integrators based on individual installations. InCopy is available in localized versions including English, International English, French, German, Swedish, Spanish and Dutch. For more information, visit

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